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Best Hand Trucks Review

Also referred to as dollies, hand trucks allow you to move materials and equipment at home or in your place of business safely and efficiently. These simple machines also allow you to carry odd-shaped

Rockwell Versacut: A Mini-Circular Saw Worth Considering

The Rockwell Versacut is an effective mini-circular saw that you can use on the spot for quick cuts that require a little more finesse than larger circular saws can provide. This saw is capable of cut

Additional Laser Levels We Considered

During our initial considerations for laser line levels, we ran across several tools that caught our attention that we decided to evaluate. The following three products are all great tools, but we did

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are a staple of any DIY enthusiast's tool collection because of their versatility and high functionality. The best cordless drills can operate at high speeds, produce a lot of torque a

Portable Power: Gas Generator vs. Propane Generator

Portable generators can be used almost anywhere you need power. Campers use them to power conveniences like TV so that they can enjoy the great outdoors without roughing it. Contractors use them to po

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