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AccountNow Review

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PROS / If you refer someone to AccountNow, you can receive a bonus.

CONS / You cannot add funds to your account through a bank transfer.

 VERDICT / AccountNow is easy to sign up for but is missing some key features.

AccountNow offers both Mastercard and Visa prepaid debit cards. These cards can be used wherever Mastercard and Visa are accepted. When you register for your card, you can select which of the two you want. The fees vary slightly depending on which card provider you choose.

  1. The monthly cost of owning the card
    Money (less is better)
  2. 4 AccountNow
    9.95 Dollars
  3. 3 Dollars
  4. 3 Dollars
  5. 5 Dollars
  6. Category Average
    5.32 Dollars

Like all reloadable debit cards, AccountNow's cards come with several fees. There is a monthly service fee that is on the higher end of the cards we reviewed. ATM fees are also high, particularly if you are in another country. You are also charged a fee for using an ATM to find your account balance. AccountNow suggests you request cash back when using your card to make a purchase instead of using an ATM.

If you lose your card and need a new one, AccountNow charges you a fee. Its card-replacement fee is the highest of all the cards we reviewed. You can find out more information about AccountNow's fees on its website.

AccountNow doesn't require a credit check to sign up for. When you sign up, you only need to provide a Social Security Number in addition to your name and address. You can receive text alerts about your account and manage your account through AccountNow's website. AccountNow doesn't have a smartphone app, which is a useful tool other cards had for monitoring your account. There is no savings account, but you can receive some reward credits for referring someone to AccountNow.

One of AccountNow's biggest drawbacks is the inability to add funds through bank transfers. You can get your paycheck or other government issued checks, like tax returns, directly deposited into your account. MoneyPak and Western Union are other options to add funds to your card.

AccountNow also has one of the lowest ATM withdrawal limits of the cards we reviewed.

AccountNow's website features a thorough FAQs section. You can also contact this service through email or phone if you have any questions or problems with your account.


AccountNow offers multiple card options and has a rewards program for referring others. The card does have some high fees and lacks the ability to add funds through bank transfers.