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If you need a break, a distraction or just want to kill some time, here are some fun, quick and free games. Play at your own risk-they are highly addictive!

  1. Trivia Machine

    Test your knowledge with Miniclip's version of trivial pursuit. You can choose from various categories like music, history and movies and three different skill levels: elementary, scholar or genius.

  2. Funky Truck

    You can spend hours climbing hills and bouncing over bumps as you race a big monster truck and get extra points for racing in "style". The slightest touch will keep you on your wheels or flip you on to your hood.

  3. Quad

    This is a "tetris-like" puzzle game from I am Bored that requires quick thinking.

  4. Puppy Curling

    Curling is more fun with puppies!

  5. Udder Insanity

    This is just a plain silly game from, where you have to milk all the cows before they blow up-a great one for kids!

  6. Free Fall

    Navigate a skydiver through the clouds. If you can use a mouse, you can play this game.

  7. Speed Racing

    Drivers, start your engines! This is a racing game with good graphics, perfect for the Nascar fan who is stuck in the office.

  8. Hangaroo

    This is a word puzzle game-a cross between hangman and Wheel of Fortune. There are many different categories and the game will choose one at random to begin. Figure out the puzzle or the kangaroo hangs.

  9. Beetle Buggin

    This is a cool little game where you navigate a tiny VW bug over a messy desk. This is a great one for the office.

  10. Monkey Island

    This game is an addicting puzzle game where you try to fit pieces of land together to save the monkey stranded on the island.


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