With countless photo book services popping up every day, it becomes a chore finding out which ones are the best photo book providers and which ones you should steer clear of. Montage is a line of photo books by Mixbook, a well-established name in the photo book industry. Montage combines high quality materials with sharp images and decorative layouts.

Most photo book services come with restrictions limiting how many pages or pictures you can use, and if you go over, you're hit with additional per-page or per-image costs. Montage is different. The service offers a flat rate for all its books so you can create a photo book without worrying about how much each page will cost you. Books are capped at 180 photos or 70 pages. This makes Montage an ideal photo book service if you are creating a large photo book filled with lots of pictures.

While most photo book services offer hundreds of templates to choose from, Montage only offers 13 themed templates. While this seems like a small number, the quality of template enhances your photos so much that it doesn t matter there are only 13. Each of the templates has a pre-designed layout; however, you can shuffle through a variety of pre-made layouts until you find one that displays your images just the way you want. You can even have a picture span across two pages, and with the lay-flat pages, the book will maintain the quality of your image.

The online photo book editor is easy to use and simple, but there is very little room for custom design. After uploading your photos, the service places your images into the best layouts for the pictures. You have the option of shuffling your pictures through different layouts, but that is the extent of your control. While this seems restricting, the photo book editor places them by date so that the photos coincide and help give each page a theme created by your pictures. You can also add embellished text to the pages to comment on photos and add personality to your book.

Montage is known best for high-quality books. Every part of the company's photo books radiate quality. You can choose from three different portrait-styled sizes. The padded leather cover displays a collage of high-resolution images. The pages are made of thick cardstock that lay flat and display your photos beautifully. Even the flyleaf features a collage of all the pictures included in your book.

Montage books do cost more than many other photo book services, but quality comes with a price. With such an excellent design, it is a photo book you can be proud to show your friends. While the photo editor doesn't let you add a lot of custom touches, it produces a high-end and professional quality product complete with a little white gift box to keep it safe. It is a photo book that will last a lifetime.

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