When you go on vacation, a business trip, or rent a car to get by with for a few days while yours is being fixed, the last thing you want to do is deal with car rental headaches. If you re on vacation you want to be focused on having fun. If your company sends you on a trip, you don t have time or energy to deal with side issues. If your car is in the shop, you ve already got enough to worry about.

A good car rental service almost fades into the background by giving you a reliable vehicle and a stress-free experience when it comes to reserving and dropping off your rental. Enterprise and Hertz are two of the top car rental companies in the world because they enhance your travel experience instead of detracting from it. Let's compare these leading rental companies to see which is better.


Enterprise has a fleet of cars that will meet the needs of any customer regardless of why you re renting a car. There are pickups and commercial trucks for moving, as well as hybrids, SUVs, convertibles, luxury vehicles and sports cars. Enterprise has flexible options that make it a viable choice not only for vacations, business trips and emergencies but for use in your regular routine. The company has carpool options if you want to, for instance, rent a van by the month with a group of co-workers. It has an innovative car share option that lets you pick up a car at a designated location and use a card to get in to use for an hour or two, or all day without advance notice. It s a rental company with all the options you need.

What Enterprise Has That Hertz Doesn t:

  • Carpool options
  • Car share for hourly rentals
  • Multiple truck options, including commercial trucks for moving

Where Enterprise Shines: Fleet & Cutting-Edge Rideshare Options

  • A fleet with multiple truck and hybrid options
  • A rideshare that lets you rent by the hour from convenient locations throughout the city
  • Long-term carpool options for businesses to rent vehicles at discounted rate by the month
  • Multiple eco-friendly options like the carbon-offset program


Hertz s helpful, user-friendly website lets you reserve and check in online, making the rental process quick and easy. You have all the customer service options you need, including live chat, which is convenient on the road or whenever you need a quick answer to a question during the rental process. Hertz is accommodating to disabled drivers and parents with children of all ages with car seats for children of all sizes. Hertz has a fleet that includes every type of vehicle you will need, except commercial trucks. The fleet includes hybrids, electric cars, convertible and luxury and all the standard selections you expect from compact through full-size.

Where Hertz Shines: Seamless Customer Experience

  • Plethora of customer service options you need, including email, live chat, insurance and roadside assistance options
  • Easily navigable website that walks you through reserve and online check-in process
  • Makes life easy for all types of people like physically challenged and parents with small children

Enterprise or Hertz: Which Is Better?

This is a close race because both rental companies have their unique strengths and are packed with great services. Enterprise gets the edge overall because of unique services like the rideshare where you sign up for a program that gives you access to cars parked throughout the city that you can access with a card and rent by the hour. It also has great carpool options for businesses. Both companies have hybrid vehicle options and an eco-friendly carbon offset program that lets you donate a small sum, matched by the company, which is donated to projects that work to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Both car rental services are widely available throughout the U.S. and other countries. Hertz has great services for disabled customers and parents with small children. While you can t go wrong with either company, Enterprise gets the edge.

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