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Liberty Mutual Review

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PROS / The application process was one of the easiest we experienced.

CONS / Its premiums were among the highest quoted to us.

 VERDICT / It's easy to get insurance quotes from Liberty Mutual. The company offers many endorsements and discounts as well.

Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance is more costly than many of the agencies we reviewed, but it offers multiple discounts, an inventory app and an easy application process.

Liberty Mutual Compare Quotes

The online quote process not only asked detailed questions but provided illustrations to better explain certain nuances, such as the type of roofing found on your home. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home as far as insurers are concerned. Once it's breached, your home is open to much greater damage, so the better the roof, the lower your risk.

The online quote also details all your options, including endorsements for greater coverage and possible discounts.

We didn't get quite the same detailed examination when calling an agent, however. The agent did not mention the endorsements for credit card, earthquake and identity theft at all, and when asked, merely said that the coverage "includes everything," unless we were concerned about sump pump or non-flooding water damage. However, we felt confident in her knowledge, as she double-checked information on her computer and knew the area well enough that she may have been able to know which endorsements weren't needed.

The agent also said she looked up potential discounts as we talked but did not articulate the particulars. Even though Liberty Mutual says it uses an insurance assessment score to determine your rate, this was not mentioned in either the online or telephone quote process. Therefore, the final policy price might have been different from the quote. Taking the initiative to make sure your credit is clean, doing a little research about discounts ahead of time and asking questions during the quote process can save you money.

One useful feature we found with this homeowners insurance company is its inventory app, which you can find for Android or iPhone. You can use it to take and store photos of your belongings, categorize them and note purchase price and details. Alternately, you can scan barcodes as well. If you are ever in a disaster or have a major home theft, this app could greatly simplify the claims process.

Liberty Mutual offers 11 discounts, including discounts if you've never made a claim on your home, if your home has safety devices, or if you are a member of certain organizations. Our test quote came with seven discounts, yet it was still one of the highest priced policies with a corresponding value per dollar that was lower than most of the companies we reviewed. Liberty Mutual will compensate you for additional expenses if you need to live elsewhere until your home is repaired or you move. It covers these expenses for up to a year. Some agencies set a price limit.

Unlike most insurance plans we examined, it does not place a limit on replacing electronics; you can receive up to the full amount of property you are insured for. Thus, if you have expensive electronics or most of the value of your household is in your computer and other electronic equipment, Liberty Mutual could be worth pricing out.


Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance has an easy online application process, knowledgeable agents and multiple discounts. It's not the cheapest, but it offers unlimited electronics coverage. It's worth checking out especially if you have more than the average amount of technical equipment.

Liberty Mutual Compare Quotes