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Humana Review

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PROS / Humana offers vision benefits at a flat rate.

CONS / You only receive benefits covering the costs of new frames once every 24 months.

 VERDICT / While it does not help cover costs of frames more than once every 24 months, it offers low flat rates on eye exams and provides ample support on other eye care options for you and your family.

Humana, based in Florida, is a well-known name in the insurance industry and offers a variety of insurance options to meet the needs of families and individuals. One of Humana's insurance offerings is vision insurance with low premiums and low copays.

The Humana Vision Focus plan charges a monthly premium that is right around average rates among the vision service plans we looked at. The cost for an eye exam is a low $10 dollars and the cost of a lens exam is $40 and you are given a monetary allowance of $25 if you decide to get contact lenses. With the Vision Focus plan, there is a onetime enrollment fee.

  1. The cost these plans charge per month to be eligible for benefits or services.
    Less is More
  2. 4 Humana
  3. $14.5
  4. $30
  5. $12
  6. Category Average

One benefit of the Vision Focus Plan is that there is no disqualification for pre-existing conditions. This means that if you have certain medical conditions, you can still get insurance and get coverage for these conditions.

The allowances provided by this company cover a variety of eye care needs. Every 24 months you receive a $100 allowance that you can apply toward new frames. This plan also offers a 20-percent discount on an additional pair of lenses during that same 24-month span. Unfortunately, 24 months is double the time of any other of the vision insurance plans we looked at.

If you are interested in getting contact lenses, you can receive a $92 discount if you choose an out-of-network provider and a $115 discount when you choose an in-network provider. This allotment is provided to you on a 12-month cycle.

When looking into LASIK, there are a couple of options available to you through this vision insurance plan. LASIK options are provided through the U.S. Laser Network. If you choose a provider through this network that is not running a promotional price, you can receive 15 percent off the regular retail price. If there is a promotion offered, you can receive a 5 percent discount in addition to the promotional price.

This plan is one of the best vision plans for providing lens options. The majority of lens options in this plan are based on a flat rate and not structured around percentages. The plan gives you allowances of $15 toward the price for UV coating, tinting and scratch resistance. If you prefer polycarbonate lenses rather than the standard lenses, you have a $45 allotment per one 12-month period. The allotment you receive for anti-reflective lenses every 12 months is $42. If you decide to get progressive lenses so you do not have to switch glasses when you transition from near to far-sighted tasks, you receive a $190 stipend to cover the cost of these lenses.

The customer resources provided by this vision insurance plan include a toll free telephone number, email address and live chat feature. The live chat feature is especially useful if you have quick questions about plan options and availability. There is also an online member portal, so if you decide to purchase vision insurance through Humana, you can quickly access your insurance information.

For certain eye care needs, you have the option of using out-of-network sources and do not have to limit your options to only a few eye care centers.


Overall, Humana is a solid vision insurance provider. It provides flexible coverage and good flat rates on lens options. It provides useful customer service and has a live chat feature for quick questions.