Pros / You have access to your purchased reports for an entire year in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Cons / A lot of data, such as bankruptcy, property, and marriage and divorce, isn’t available in a basic report and must be purchased as add-ons.

 Verdict / US Search might be the best value among background check services because it gives you very accurate reports with comprehensive criminal history information at a low cost.

When you need to perform a background check on someone, you need a company you can trust to provide reliable information. The best background check companies, like US Search, provide accurate data in an easy-to-read report. Although US Search didn’t score as high as our top-ranked service in overall accuracy, it matched the best companies in accuracy for criminal record history.

To get bankruptcy information, property details or marriage and divorce records from US Search, you will have to purchase those as add-ons. You can search for a person using several different parameters, and you get a preview of the matches available so you can be sure you’re choosing the right person. This service also has an excellent customer support team. 

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  • Accuracy
  1. This shows the average percentage of how accurate each service was in our tests.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2  US Search
    85.0 %
  3. 90.0 %
  4. 80.0 %
  5. Category Average
    60.0 %

Report Information

We ran several searches on US Search’s website, and the reports listed a plethora of information on our subjects. Personal information was mostly correct, such as names and birthdates. One of our subjects proved difficult to find because she was listed under her maiden name rather than her current legal name, which was included as an alias. In one test, the criminal history was correct, but none of the subject’s relatives was included in the report. In the report on another of our test subjects, one recent criminal offense was missing from the long list of arrests, convictions and disposition dates from another report, but that’s to be expected with recent data. There were no relatives in the report for this subject, either, which is odd since every other service linked this subject to several people who are either relatives or associates.

The background check isn’t as comprehensive as with other services unless you purchase add-ons, which you can purchase right from your report. Marriage and divorce records, property records and social network searches will all cost you extra. Additional information, such as bankruptcies, court judgments and tax liens, is not available as an add-on, but rather is part of the premium report. However, if you’re only looking for a criminal background check on a person, US Search is a good choice since the company was very accurate in this area.

Search Customization

US Search makes the search process simple. You can search all states for a person using only his or her name, if that’s all you have. If you have an approximate location, that can help you narrow your search. Another helpful search option is age. If you don’t have these pieces of information, you can view a list of matches with identifying information, such as cities and states where the person has lived, a list of possible relatives and places where that person may have gone to school or worked.

Ease of Use

Searching for a person can be as simple as typing in a last name in the search fields. Seconds after purchasing a report from US Search, you will have a screen full of data on the person you’re investigating. US Search makes reading a report easy. There's a summary of your report at the top with clickable links to each section. You will also get an explanation of each section, which helps you understand how to read each part. There are a few links, such as one for OmniSearch Profile, which do not have descriptions, so it’s not clear what it is until you click – and it turns out that it’s an upsell.

You will have access to the reports you’ve purchased in your account on US Search’s website through the dashboard, which allows you to view any of those background checks for one year after the purchase date.

Help & Support

US Search’s FAQs cover most of the questions you would have about searching, reports and billing, but if you still have questions, you have a couple of other options. You can call or email the customer support team. When we contacted the service regarding a question about billing by phone, a member of the customer service team responded very quickly. Our issue was resolved within minutes, and soon after hanging up, we received an email thanking us for contacting customer support. You can expect the customer service representatives to be kind and helpful when you call or write to them.


US Search provides up-to-date information on anyone you need to investigate. In spite of its occasional inaccuracies in some sections and the fact that some categories of information are available only as purchased add-ons, US Search gives reliable, comprehensive criminal history on a person. It’s very easy to begin a background search, and the preview helps assure you have the right person. You also have access to your purchased reports for an entire year. These reasons are why it’s our second-ranked background search service.

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