Pros / Pre-made templates and characters make this comic book software extremely easy to use.

Cons / You can’t customize every aspect of the characters or backgrounds.

 Verdict / Pixton is a fun way to make a quick comic strip in a matter of minutes.

Editor's Note: Pixton+ is now available, it is a subscription-based cloud program. Clicking on the buy button will lead you to the new version for purchase. We will review and rank this new program when we next update comic book software. For now, enjoy our review for Pixton.

Pixton is easy-to-use comic book software with premade templates and characters. If you’re looking for a little more from this software, you can enroll in Pixton Plus for a small monthly fee and access hundreds of features, layouts and character templates - everything you need to make your own comic book.

Pixton is all about pre-made templates. You can choose your character’s gender, hair color, facial features and more, but unlike other comic makers, you can’t physically draw an image. The same goes for the background. We found these pre-made templates to be quite fun. We didn’t have to worry about creating the perfect character; we could just have fun with the story and layout. Pixton’s characters are fully pose-able, with bendable joints and moveable legs, arms, hands and feet. If you'd prefer a program that offers more illustration tools, you might be interested in Comic Creator.

You don’t have to download Pixton onto your computer; the entire program is online. All you need is an internet connection. When creating your comic, you can add different layers into a typical comic strip square. These layers can be people, props or backgrounds. If you choose to import an image from your computer, you can only resize that image in the square. You can add elements on top of the image, but you can’t make any other changes.

With Pixton, you can add word balloons with adjustable text to give your characters emotion and expression. You can also alter your comic’s facial features. Once you’re happy with your comic and storyline, you have several different options. You can save the image to Pixton’s online community where other users can view and vote on your work. You can also share the comic on your Facebook page or email it to yourself. In emails, the image will attach as a PNG – the only file format Pixton offers for export.

Pixton has an online community with a FAQs section and video tutorials if you need assistance in creating your comic. They also have a phone number and email for technical support.


Pixton isn’t the type of comic book software that allows you to create a graphic novel from scratch. You can insert images from your computer, but the program itself doesn’t have any original drawing functionality. Pre-made templates and pre-made characters are its bread and butter. This format, however, makes it easy to create a humorous comic strip in minutes to share with your friends and family. If you’re looking to create and publish a full-fledged graphic novel, this isn’t the right comic book software for you.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Special Effects
Pen Tablet Compatible
Integrated Email
Imported Image Adjustment
Page Templates
Upload to Facebook
Interactive Mirroring

Script Tools

Text Editor
Word Balloons
Import Text
Dual Dialogue
Spell Check

Help & Support

Trail Version
User Manual
Online Chat

File Formats


Illustration Tools

Color Blend
Import Artwork
Freeform Shapes
Pattern Brushes
Shading Tools
Air Brushes
Custom Brush Creation
Speed and Focus Lines
Character Templates

System Requirements

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Mac OS X 10 or higher
1GB RAM or more
Less than 1GB RAM
Internet Connection