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One-of-a-Kind Greeting Card Design Tips

Feel your correspondence creativity is drooping a bit? Here are a few special-event greeting cards that will have you whipping out the postage stamps in no time. Birthday Card Ideas For cards that a

Five Resume Writing Secrets that Get You Noticed

As an administrative assistant for a small business, I used to open and process all the incoming mail. When my employer advertised for new employees, the task of judging incoming resumes also fell to

Best Misting Systems Review

If your business has outdoor or even indoor areas that your customers use frequently, keeping those customers cool is important. When it's hot outside, this can be difficult to do, especially when you

Best Grow Lights Review

Plants need sunlight, but sometimes, that can be difficult to give them. Cold weather, lack of space or other factors can make outdoor gardening impossible. Grow lights give your plants the light they

Best Wedding Invitations Software Review

What Can You Do With Wedding Invitations Software?  Any engaged couple would be wise to check out the different types of wedding invitations software they can use to make their own wedding stati

History of Tarot Cards

Divining the history of Tarot isn't as easy as reading a spread of the colorful cards or looking to the stars for the answer. Many theories exist about how Tarot came about – and the practice li

What Makes the Best Traditional Paper Planner?

These days, you can find software programs for just about anything. But there’s something about the impermanence of digitized content that just doesn’t satisfy the need to hold something palpable in y

Free Label Making Software

Label making software comes in many different forms and focuses. Paid label makers are great for people who regularly need office labels, sticker labels for products or labels for CDs and DVDs. Howeve

Best Free Genealogy Search Engines

If you want to know your family history beyond the pages in your parents' photo albums, free genealogy search engines offer a convenient place to begin. You plug in a few bits of raw data, such as you

Getting Ready for the Gig

Preparing for a gig can be stressful, but not preparing can be disastrous. Here are some things to think about before show time: The Venue – Venue Information: Find out what other bands have played t

Guitar Lingo 101

If you don't know your processor from your pick-ups, here is a little crash course in guitar lingo. Parts of the Guitar – Headstock: The top part of the guitar that has the tuners attached to it. Tun

Best Ways to Break Through a Genealogical Brick Wall

Sometimes a genealogical search hits a brick wall – the metaphorical kind, at least. You can't find any new information, or you fail to spot the link between two crucial pieces of your family history.

What Is a Cousin Once Removed?

It is easy to understand your genealogical relationship to your mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle and cousin. These are your close relations. Things get a bit more complicated when you start ta

Is DNA Testing for Genealogy Worth It?

From the Greek “genea” and “genos,” meaning race and family, the usage of the term Genealogy dates back to the 14th century. By using genealogy software, as well as online applications and even dedica

The 5 Best Free Genealogy Programs

The expanding number of genealogy programs on the market makes it easy to research your ancestry. Whether you are merely interested in your history or you want to make a hobby of it, the following fiv

What is a Family Tree and Why is it Important?

A family tree, put simply, is a record of a family's lineage. On the surface, family trees are interesting bits of recorded history that help us know where we came from and possibly give some clues as

The World's Oldest Family Tree

Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, Confucius was teaching morality, justice and philosophy in China. His teachings promoted ideas such as morality on a personal and societal level, and he

Top 10 Apps for Genealogists

A large portion of genealogy work requires an internet connection and genealogy software. But genealogists of any skill level could complete plenty of work away from a desk. Gravesites, libraries and

Craft Unforgettable Gifts with Greeting Card Software

Special occasion coming up? Need a present with pizzazz? Give more than a card and a boxed gift; make the card a unique, memorable gift. Here are a few ideas that show how versatile greeting card soft

The Mozart Effect: A Sound Theory?

Dr. Gordon Shaw developed the Mozart Effect, a theory that listening to classical music will make you smarter, in the early 1990s. According to the Associated Press, Shaw became interested in brain th

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