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LuxSci SecureLine Review

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PROS / Lux Scientiae offers a wide range of email security products, from HIPPA-compliant email services to online email encryption to secure web forms. All services are customizable, and LuxSci provides advanced features such as email archiving, high volume email marketing accounts and email hosting.

CONS / Most services are created around LuxSci services rather than integrated with common applications such as GroupWise, Lotus or Salesforce. However, it does work with any standard email program and comes with a free Outlook plugin, support for ActiveSynce and mobile devices, and has APIs for custom integration.

 VERDICT / LuxSci provides hosted and online email encryption services as well as numerous other email security options. It is compatible with most devices and email services. However, if you need direct integration or native compatibility with your established business applications, you may want to consider another service.

LuxSci provides numerous secure email options, from hosted solutions to online portals. This email security service also provides HIPPA-compliant accounts and direct SMTP TLS transmissions. SecureLine, LuxSci's end-to-end email encryption product, supports PGP, S/MIME and Escrow secure outbound emails and provides free secure inbound emails via the SendSecure Portal. If your company is looking for a customizable email security solution from which you can pick and choose the parts you require, LuxSci may be a suitable choice.

This email security service provides single-user accounts as well as large, enterprise-level accounts. Encryption can take place when the email is composed or using the LuxSci's WebMail product. This email encryption service is a bit different from others in that it does not provide software that you install on your mail server, gateway or appliance. Most encryption takes place using the web portal or via one of the company's hosted solutions. It doesn't just plug right into GroupWise or Lotus. If you are looking for an in-house email encryption solution, LuxSci may not be able to provide what you have in mind unless you are interested in adding a hosted encryption gateway to your existing solution.

However, LuxSci SecureLine encryption also integrates with any standard email program (such as Mac Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird), with no plugin required. It also can act as an inbound and/or outbound encryption gateway/smarthost for your on-premises Exchange or other mail server.

In terms of security methods, LuxSci provides OpenPGP, S/MIME and SMTP TLS type encryption and HIPAA compliance accounts with signed business associate agreements. Its servers are supported by Rackspace, which is a SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Center. User accounts can be configured to employ multiple authentication methods, and security certificates can be requested if necessary. New users can be added one at a time using their email addresses, or you can upload email addresses in bulk by uploading a CSV file or using APIs.

Administration tools include the ability to create and manage user accounts, track emails, design secure forms, white label the interface and manage disk usage (account storage used). Admins can easily configure notices, add signatures, manage security certificates and run reports. To save admins time and frustration, if a user forgets their password, they can request a new one without the admin having to manage the request (with multi-factor authentication used for identity verification). LuxSci handles it for you. To save time in housekeeping, the service will automatically delete user accounts that have not been used for a set period of time.

LuxSci provides a mobile version that is compatible with iPhones, Android, Kindles, Blackberry and Windows 7 mobile devices. Supported desktop email clients include all that support standard IMAP or POP protocols such as Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Mac Mail,Thunderbird, Eudora, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. It also is compatible with older applications such as Entourage, Outlook 2003 and Evolution.

Because LuxSci is a full-service email security service, it provides numerous additional features that may help you create a solution that fulfills many of your requirements. For example, beyond email encryption, the company also provides full email hosting, spam and virus filtering, email archiving, email marketing accounts, high volume accounts and SSL certificates. It also integrates productivity tools such as calendars, workspaces, tasks, file sharing and address books.


Lux Scientiae continues to provide new capabilities and provides helpful extras such as data migration and email archiving. It also provides secure servers and compliant emails. If your company is looking for more than just simple email encryption, LuxSci provides a functional and affordable email security solution. Note that it integrates with existing business applications such as Exchange and Lotus via smarthosting and outbound security gateway modes.