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SensiGuard Review

We’ve tested and reviewed SensiGuard encryption software for years, and it isn’t difficult to figure out.

Our Verdict

SensiGuard is more difficult encryption software to use than most programs, but it offers some good security features.


  • SensiGuard encrypts your files using the strongest algorithm key available.


  • Encrypting and decrypting files take some time.
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We’ve tested and reviewed SensiGuard encryption software for years, and it isn’t difficult to figure out. But the program is outdated and comes with some hiccups that make it difficult to know if your files are truly encrypted. You select the files you want to secure from within the SensiGuard program. However, once they are selected, you are asked if you want to lock the file and set a password for it. It isn’t clear whether your files are simply password-protected or actually encrypted.

This software performed the encryption and decryption of files the most slowly out of all the encryption software we tested. File compression is automatic when you encrypt files, so when we began encrypting our 63 test files, which total 128MB, SensiGuard had us waiting a lengthy seven minutes while it encrypted and compressed the files. Once the process finished, however, we were rewarded with a compressed file that saved us 4MB of hard drive space.

SensiGuard uses the best encryption algorithm available. It encrypts your files with the same code that the U.S. government, military and banks use: 256-bit AES. This is the most secure you can get. The software includes a few other security features that are nice to have, like a file shredder and a password strength meter.

You can email encrypted files to a recipient or store your encrypted files online or on flash drives, external drives or CDs. However, you or your recipient needs to have SensiGuard installed on the device used to open the encrypted files, along with the password or the key. This can get a bit costly since SensiGuard only gives you one license with its base encryption package. For a better value check out Secure IT that is a comparable program and comes with three licenses for about $20 more.

SensiGuard offers the strongest encryption algorithm key, though it isn’t clear whether your files are truly encrypted or simply locked. It doesn’t encrypt your files as quickly as other encryption programs, but it does compress them a bit to give you more space on your hard drive.