Pros / It improved performance by 10.29 percent.

Cons / The startup speed decreased by 7.65 percent.

 Verdict / PC Mechanic improved our computer performance and is very easy to use, but it slowed the startup by almost 8 percent.

Unlike most of the apps we reviewed, which are large suites of tools, PC Mechanic focuses simply on scanning your computer and fixing the errors to improve and maintain performance. In our tests, it produced one of the best overall improvements, but it made the bootup speed slower.

We tested each PC system utility application to evaluate its ability to diagnose, repair and optimize our test computer. We used PCMark 8 to benchmark the PC's performance both before and after optimization, looking primarily at word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. We also measured the improvement to bootup speed and the diagnostic consistency.

After all our tests, PC Mechanic improved our computer by an average of 10.29 percent, which was the third best result. In fact, it made the biggest improvement to word and data processing with a 6.14 boost, and it boosted graphics processing by 5.08 percent. However, the web browsing speed decreased by 1.06 percent.

PC Mechanic's biggest shortcoming is its effect on bootup speed – our test computer’s bootup slowed by 7.65 percent. This isn't as bad as some apps, which slowed the bootup speed by over 124 percent, but it's not good. Even by just using Windows’s built-in startup manager, we were able to boost the startup speed by 42 percent.

This PC cleaner tool managed to free up an average of 400MB, which was about average. However, it's still disappointing because we didn't clear the cache or empty the recycle bin prior to running the tests, so it should have recovered a lot more storage.

PC Mechanic had good diagnostic consistency, receiving an A in this area. It wasn't perfect, but it was consistent enough to know that it didn’t falsely recognizing errors. With some system repair apps, you can scan and fix all the errors, and when you scan again, the programs will find more errors to fix. You can do this over and over again, and the apps will keep finding errors.

PC Mechanic received an A for ease of use, making it one of the easiest apps for a novice to use. It has an older-style interface that hasn't changed in years, but it's effective. Each feature has a description of what it does so you don't run it unnecessarily.

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  • Overall Improvement
  • Boot Up Speed Improvement
  • Word & Data Processing Improvement
  • Video Chat Quality Improvement
  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 7  PC Mechanic
    10.29 %
  3. 12.62 %
  4. 8.59 %
  5. 10.74 %
  6. Category Average
    6.14 %


While PC Mechanic produced one of the bigger performance improvements in our tests, it made our computer’s startup speed slower. However, while it's easy to use, it’s missing a lot of advanced optimization tools. Overall, it's not going to turn your slow computer into a fast one, but it might be good tool for basic maintenance.

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