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12 Easy Ways to Secure Your Basement Windows

Sometimes, burglars take advantage of the weaknesses to which we pay the least attention in our homes. One of those weaknesses is basement windows: Thieves look for entry close to the ground. To discourage them from gaining that access and compromising the safety of your whole house, install a home security system, or take the following measures to secure your basement windows.

1. Increase Window Visibility

One common mistake homeowners make is to let overgrown shrubs and flowers block basement windows from view. Burglars take advantage of this to infiltrate the windows without being noticed.

Keep a clear line of sight to your exterior windows, especially from your neighbors. That can help deter potential thieves.

2. Block the Path to the Windows

A loud, unexpected noise is helpful for startling a thief. Place a toy that squeaks when stepped on along the path to the window. Alternatively, plant cacti or place potted plants nearby to deter and delay a burglar s attempt to enter through a basement window.

3. Use a Home Security Monitoring System

A good home security system can deter a would-be burglar or alert neighbors and authorities in case of a break-in. Place glass-shatter sensors near the basement windows and have cameras around the basement windows area   or install an entry sensor on the window.

4. Lock the Windows

Prevent break-ins using a good lock accessible from inside the house. Shop at a local store to find the right lock. Ensure that at least one window opens from within, and without use of a key. This is important in case you need to get out during an emergency.

5. Use Stronger Glass

Nowadays, there are many types of safety glass that can provide a modicum of security. Replace your ordinary glass with stronger stuff. Examples include tempered glass, wired glass and laminated glass.

6. Install a Window Film

Attach a window film to the inside of a glass pane. The film offers a strong deterrent to entry if the glass shatters.

7. Keep Your Valuables out of View

As you look around for stronger glass, also consider buying glass that blocks the view into your basement. When a burglar can easily see your valuables, the motivation to steal increases.

8. Install Window Bars

Using window bars is one of the most effective ways to secure your basement windows. A burglar usually passes up the chance to break into a basement window that has bars. For the best security, use permanent bars. Alternatively you can install temporary ones or those that can swing open in case of an emergency.

9. Light Up the Area Outside

Position a light near the basement window on the outside. Thieves are unlikely to breach a well-lighted window.

10. Replace Glass with Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are much stronger than glass and almost impossible to break.

11. Advertise Your Security

Place nonspecific signs and decals in visible areas showing potential burglars that you have your home well-secured.

12. Move Furniture Away

Do not provide a burglar with an easy way of climbing down from the window. Remove any chairs or tables to create a delay.