57% intend to cook more after lockdown - here's how it could save you time and money

57% intend to cook more after lockdown - here's how it could save you time and money
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60% have been cooking more at home since the coronavirus pandemic began, according to new research from HelloFresh. With restaurants shut due to COVID-19 lockdown measures, it’s no surprise that many have been turning to grocery delivery services to make cooking at home a little easier. But this could be more than a passing phase. In a survey conducted with Censuswide, HelloFresh found that 57% say they will cook at home more often in the future. 

Lockdown has also increased the value we place on meals with family and friends. 11.4% have shared a meal virtually since the beginning of lockdown, and 44% of these plan to continue sharing meals virtually with someone once lockdown ends. And aside from virtual meals, 30% plan to eat together more with family and friends in person after the pandemic has ended. 

Cheap, healthy, and quick meals are proving popular as a result of lockdown There are so many benefits to cooking at home as opposed to getting takeout or eating at a restaurant, and HelloFresh found that 79.9% say cooking at home saves them money, 57.6% say cooking at home helps them to eat healthier, and 30.6% say cooking at home allows them to spend more time with their loved ones. Here’s how you can achieve that, too. 

How to make cooking quick and easy, or turn it into quality time  

When it comes to making easy meals from home, it’s hard to argue with the genius of a slow cooker. Slow cookers minimize the mess and steps you’ll need to take to make a delicious meal for you and your family. These appliances can also add a healthy twist to your favorite meal. As opposed to frying and adding calorie-heavy sauces and seasoning, a slow cooker will allow any meat and vegetables you add to release their own juices and infuse with a natural and healthy flavor. All you need to do is add your ingredients at the beginning of the day, switch on your cooker, and come back to it after a long day of video calls or family time. Easy!

57% intend to cook more after lockdown - here's how it could save you time and money

People are turning to meal delivery services to make cooking easier.  (Image credit: HelloFresh)

Anyone who has battled a pile of dirty dishes solo or spent hours on their sourdough starter may be confused at the idea that 30% are able to spend more time with loved ones through cooking at home. Cooking can be time consuming, it’s true, but the best meal kit delivery services are one way to cut down on prep time and the stress of figuring out portions and ingredients. These services allow you to select your meals in advance and then just use the portions they send your way to create a balanced meal in minutes. 

Another easy way of spending more time with loved ones through cooking is to cook together. Whether it's a cookout with a trusty gas grill or a date night spent making pizza from scratch, food is one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones, and it doesn’t have to be stressful or fiddly to create great dishes. 

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