DeWALT DXGNR7000 review

A serious gasoline-powered generator for working on site or for running large appliances in your home during a power cut

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Handy features like a wattage meter and smart runtime meter add the finishing touches to a solid generator that delivers great performance for the price. Its tough, portable, yet rugged exterior makes the DeWALT DXGNR700 perfect for taking on work sites or using at home as a backup generator.


  • +

    Excellent performance

  • +

    Load wattage indicator

  • +

    Easy maintenance


  • -

    No basic fuel gauge

  • -

    Quite loud when running

  • -

    Not good for sensitive electronics

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about the DeWALT DXGNR7000.

DeWALT DXGNR7000: What you need to know

The DeWALT DXGNR7000 is a hefty gasoline powered generator designed to deliver 7,000 watts of continuous power that can also cope with 8,750 watt surges. The DXGNR7000 can run for an impressive 11 hours at 50% load before you need to top up the tank.

Set in a sturdy yellow steel frame with two ‘never flat’ durable wheels for portability and two feet for stability, the DeWALT DXGNR7000 can be wheeled around easily, but it is heavy at 192 lbs.

There’s a battery-powered starter motor included to make the startup as easy as flicking a switch and a smart runtime meter shows fuel levels and time remaining at current level. 

DeWALT DXGNR7000: Price

The DeWALT DXGNR7000 has a list price is $999, but you can get it for much less. For example it's available for $899 at Home Depot or $839 at Amazon. Home Depot also offer financing at $150 a month for 6 months.

DeWALT DXGNR7000: Features

DeWALT DXGNR7000: Specs

Running Watts: 7000
Starting Wattage: 8750
Engine displacement: 420cc
Fuel: Gasoline
Tank capacity: 7.5 Gallons
Run time: 11 Hours at 1/2 load
Weight: 192 lbs
CA (CARB) Compliant: Yes
Warranty: 3 year

At 192 lbs the DeWALT DXGNR7000 is one of the heaviest generators in our buying guide, but the two ‘never flat’ wheels on the back of the DXGNR7000 and the handle on the front make it really portable, so long as you don’t mind pulling it around.

Starting is really easy thanks to a battery powered motor, which you can easily recharge. If the battery has failed for some reason there’s also a pull cord starter built into the unit.

The DXGNR7000 is designed to be easy to maintain. Changing the oil, which should be done annually,  is easy since its very accessible. There’s a small foam air filter that needs to be cleaned, but again it’s easily accessible. 

You get four 120 volt power outlets on the DXGNR7000, which are covered to provide protection from the elements and come with individual breakers.

A smart runtime meter shows you how many hours of fuel time you have left, which is really handy, but it lacks a simple fuel gauge. Also, the engine has to be running for you to get a fuel reading, and this might take some getting used to.

The killer design feature on this unit though is the wattage gauge which shows you exactly how much load you are putting on the unit. This is important since overloading any generator can damage it.

DeWALT DXGNR7000: Performance

Reviewers and users seem really pleased with the DXGNR7000. Workshop Addict, for example, found that performance of the DeWALT was particularly impressive under load, with the voltage recovering really fast when new devices were added. They had no problem running power hungry devices like drills, refrigerators and lights off all four ports simultaneously. This in particular sets it apart from the competition. 

On the downside, this generator is fairly loud. We couldn’t find a dB rating for it anywhere online, but reviewers note that you wouldn’t want this in your house and you might want to consider ear protection if you have to work right next to it all day.

It’s important to note that the DeWALT DXGNR7000 does not contain an inverter, so the power it outputs isn’t smooth enough for sensitive electronics like a laptop, phone or tablet. 

DeWALT DXGNR7000: User reviews

The DXGNR7000 does consistently well in user reviews on The Home Depot, scoring a 4.5 average and an 88% recommendation rate on 244 reviews. DeWALT’s own website has a 4.3 average rating on 7 reviews.

One frequent comment we read online was that this generator had proved a lifesaver when a hurricane had taken out the power to a house. Most users reported that they’d been able to keep everything running without a problem until the power came back on

The vast majority of users were impressed with the quality of the generator. Build quality is praised as is the ease of setup. The easy start switch gets a lot of praise, especially from people used to having to pull a cord to start a generator. 

One thing that’s been picked up in the reviews is that this is not an inverter generator, so there are fluctuations in the current, which is fine for things like fridges, lights and power tools, but not great for smaller sensitive electronics like computers. It’s worth keeping that in mind before you make your buying decision.

Should you buy the DeWALT DXGNR7000?

If you need a generator to take on site with you to run power tools, or to act as a backup for your home appliances in the event of power loss at home then the DXGNR7000 is a great choice. We’re impressed by its portability and build quality but mostly by its performance. With 7,000 watts you should be fine running up to four devices simultaneously and the wattage meter is a great feature that you’ll find extremely useful for keeping track of how much power you’re using. 

The DeWALT DXGNR7000 is a solid all round performer that you’ll be able to rely on in times of need, just don’t get this to charge sensitive electronic devices that require a smooth power flow.

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