Honda EU3000is Handi review

With a Honda motor on the inside, this sturdy 3,000 watt inverter generator is a handy portable power solution

Honda EU3000iS
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The Honda EU3000is Handi Generator is a great buy if you need portability, low noise levels and power. There are cheaper generators available, but you’re paying for a quality Honda motor here and it all comes in a package that will fit nicely in your car boot.


  • +

    Quiet in use

  • +

    Quality Honda motor

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    Suitable for delicate electronics


  • -

    No USB ports

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    No fuel gauge

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Here's everything you need to know about the Honda EU3000is Handi

Honda EU3000is Handi: What you need to know

This is a 3,000 watt inverter generator that runs on gasoline and is fairly light and portable at 131 lb, especially compared to other 3,000 watt models on the market. 

For the amount of power it can output, the EU3000is Handi is very fuel efficient too, running for 10 hours at 50% load thanks to a 3.4 gallon tank. With 2,800 running watts of power at your fingertips you can power all sorts of devices like air conditioning units, charge your RV and use power tools. Thanks to the built-in inverter you’ll also be able to charge more sensitive electronics like tablets, laptops and phones. You get two 120 volt power outputs, but sadly no USB ports. 

At 57 db noise level when running it’s very quiet for a gasoline powered generator, so you can just have it on in the background and it won’t interfere with your conversations. 

Honda EU3000is Handi: Price

Honda list the EU3000is Handi for $2,559, but we found it for less on Home Depot where it was $2,099, or six monthly payments of $350.

The EU3000is is definitely a lot more expensive than similarly powered generators, but it's the Honda motor you're paying for here. Not only is it quieter than other motors, but you might find it easier to get serviced as there are a lot of places that service Honda motors.

Honda EU3000is Handi: Features

The big advantage of the EU3000is Handi is the Honda motor, which is quiet and reliable. It's fairly portable and the generator also has two wheels (optional) and a handle so you can pull it behind you for easier transportation.

Honda EU3000is: Specs

Running Watts: 2800
Starting Wattage: 3000
Engine type: Honda
Fuel: Gasoline
Tank capacity: 3.4 Gallons
Run time: 10 Hours at 1/2 load
Weight: 131 lbs
CA (CARB) Compliant: Yes
Warranty: 3 years

On the unit you’ll find two 120 volt, 20A outputs and one 30A twist lock output, but no USB ports. Fuel is provided by gasoline through a tank accessible on the top. There’s an Eco Throttle switch on the unit too, which can minimize fuel consumption further as well as minimizing noise levels when the generator isn’t being used at full load. 

Starting the generator is easier than some other 3,000 watt generators because it has an electric starter motor built in. There's a pull cord start as a backup and Honda do make a pull start-only version, called the EU3000i Handi, which is lighter because it doesn't have a starter motor. 

The EU3000is is missing a few features though - we’d have liked to have had like a fuel gauge and a voltage meter, which would have been useful. There’s also only a blinking LED light as a total hour usage meter. The faster it blinks the more cumulative run time your unit has had and it becomes in need of maintenance. 

Honda EU3000is Handi Generator: Performance

The Honda EU3000is Handi Generator is an inverter generator, that produces 3,000 starting watts and 2,800 running watts of power. found that it produced a very clean and stable sine wave with the total harmonic distortion at less than 3%, meaning it’s great for sensitive electronics like laptops and TVs. 

Honda 3000i Handi review

(Image credit: The Home Depot)

The powerful 4-stroke Honda engine is what really sets this unit apart from the others.  With 2,800 watts of running power you'll have no problem running large electric equipment like AC units. And while it's not the quietest unit out there, it's a lot quieter than a lot of the competition. 

The EU3000is Handi is also very fuel efficient. The 3.4 gallon gas tank will give you 10 hours of power at half load, but sadly there’s no fuel gauge. 

If you need even more power then you can buy a parallel kit from Honda so you can also connect two of these generators together to double your total output wattage.

The electric starter makes this unit easy to operate, but that increases the weight. If you find this model a bit on the heavy side then the Honda EU3000i Handi model (which hasn't got the starter motor) offers comparable performance and is a lot lighter.

Honda EU3000is Handi: User reviews

The Honda EU3000is Handi has done very well on Home Depot’s customer reviews, getting 179 5-star reviews out of 213 reviews in total. People seem to love how it seems to run whatever they throw at it, including AC units. People are also impressed with how quiet it is. The Honda name is also valued as a quality brand in the generator market. 

On Amazon the Honda EU3000is Handi scored a solid 5 stars in all 7 customer reviews.

Should you buy the Honda EU3000is Handi?

Thanks to its killer performance this is a great generator, but maybe not ideal to take camping with you because of its weight. But it’s certainly very powerful. It can run power tools, A/C units and charge your RV.

If you’re looking for a relatively quiet gasoline inverter generator then the Honda EU3000is certainly isn’t the cheapest model on the market but it’s one of the most reliable. The Honda did lack a few features that we would have expected, like a fuel gauge and a USB port, and the wheels are an optional extra.

Honda do a whole range of generators that are more, or less, powerful so if you don’t like the price of this unit and don’t need the extra power then consider the EU2200i instead.

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