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Apple publishes ‘30 Creative Activities for Kids’ worksheet to help struggling parents keep children busy

Apple publishes ‘30 Creative Activities for Kids’ worksheet to help struggling parents keep children busy
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With much of the American population under stay-at-home orders, there are many parents who are struggling to spend 24/7 with their children. Between working from home, parenting, and transitioning a child's education to an online format, there's a lot of room for frustration, whether it's with yourself, your partner, or even your kids. 

As the coronavirus keeps us at home for more hours of day than many of us would like, we've found ways to keep kids occupied and creative, whether it's investing in the best TV streaming services (opens in new tab), the best typing software for kids (opens in new tab), or even the best online tutoring services (opens in new tab).  We even compiled a list of 40 free and fun things you can do while you can stay indoors (opens in new tab) and a list of 10 hobbies you can get into (opens in new tab) whether you're isolated by yourself or with others. 

Here's another: now, Apple has introduced a new way to keep your kids busy: a worksheet called "30 Creative Activities for Kids (opens in new tab)." 

The worksheet, published by Apple's education team, compiles 30 activities parents can do with their kids into a PDF format. The activities were designed to be compatible with features built into the iPhone or the iPad, but the team says that the activities can be completed any way parents see fit. The activities were also created to occupy kids Pre-K age through the 2nd grade, but that they can easily be amended to be fun for the whole family. Such examples include "Record news interviews" and "Create a comic strip."  There's no right way to do these activities, but if you have the iPad, which features on our list of the best tablets (opens in new tab), all the better! 

It's another free and creative way to spend your time, and who knows - you may discover something about yourself or your kids that you didn't know about before, like uncovering a new hobby or rediscovering some family photos. In these uncertain times, it's important to take pleasure in the small, meaningful things in life. 

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