Best Grills of 2018

Product Use case Rating
Weber Spirit II Best Gas Grill N/A
Char-Broil Performance Best Infrared Grill N/A
Cuisinart Griddler Best Indoor Electric Grill N/A

We’ve tested 30 different grills over the last four years to provide you with the best grilling options. We assembled each grill, tested how quickly each preheats, the heat consistency and distribution. We also cooked dozens of pounds of burgers, steak, chicken and fish on each model. After all that testing, we recommend the Weber Spirit II as the best gas grill, the Char-Broil Performance as the best infrared grill and the Cuisinart Griddler as our top pick for an indoor electric grill. 

However, personal preferences matter: propane, infrared and electric all have different benefits and disadvantages. A propane grill is easier and less expensive than cooking over coals, but the tank needs to be refilled occasionally. Infrared grills heat up faster than gas grills and allow you to cook meat using powerful sear burners, but aren’t designed for low-temperature cooking for veggies or fish. Cooking on an indoor electric grill is fast and healthy, but you lose some of the tasty smoky flavor infused by other grills. Below are our top picks for each category.