Weber Genesis EPX-335 review

The Weber Genesis EPX-335 boasts app connectivity and even LED lights - but does it stand up where it really counts, when you’re cooking? We find out…

Image shows the Weber Genesis EPX-335.
(Image: © Weber.)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Weber Genesis EPX-335 is a beast of a barbecue, with plenty of extra features to please tech fans and serious grillers.


  • +

    Big enough to feed a party

  • +

    Great control for serious grill chefs


  • -

    Needs mains or power bank connection for temperature gauge

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    Assembly is quite time consuming

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The Weber Genesis EPX-335 is a grill with a lot to offer. Along with three main burners, it has a ‘bonus’ burner controlling the ‘Sear Zone’ allowing you to get that great barbecue grilled caramelization on the meat. There’s a side burner for heating up beans or corn, or cooking potatoes, and plenty of options for total control - making it ideal for anyone seriously into cooking more than just a few burgers for friends and family.

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Key specs

Number of main burners: 3

Number of side burners: 1

Main burner BTU: 48,000

Cooking space: 994 in

Dimensions: 62 x 27 x 48.5 in 

Weight: 210 lbs

Burner material: Stainless steel

Burner warranty: 10 years

Product warranty: 12 year limited

We tested the Weber Genesis EPX-335 from start to finish - beginning with how long it takes to build out of the box, how it tackles a variety of foods, from basic burgers and steaks, to veggies and a whole chicken. We put all our review models through the same procedure, so if you don't think this is the right model for you, you can check out other options in our best gas grills buying guide.

The Weber Genesis EPX-335 is a smart grill, and it includes an electronic dashboard and meat probe. You can connect to the Weber app to remotely keep an eye on your meat - especially handy if you’re doing a long slow cook on a chicken or piece of pork. These high-tech features complement a really strong grilling performance.

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Design

The model we received to test has a livery of black enamel and stainless steel. It looks really classy, but like all stainless steel, it got easily marked by greasy fingerprints, so you’ll need to keep some stainless steel cleaner handy to keep it looking its best. 

Like most Weber models we tested, this has quality written all over it - but it does also make it really heavy. The hinged lid is pretty weighty too - something to bear in mind if you’re not so young and fit…

There are two side tables - a large one on the right that has plenty of space for prepping and holding plates, and a small one on the left that lifts up to reveal an extra gas burner. This comes in handy if you want to heat up corn or beans, or fry up some mushrooms or onions.

Image shows the Weber Genesis EPX-335.

(Image credit: Naomi Mackay.)

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Features

In total, the large cooking area has four burners - yes that’s right, four! The fourth one operates what Weber calls the Sear Zone: it is extra powerful to get that fabulous sear on your steak and other meats. 

This gas grill also offers a lot of control. For instance, when cooking a whole chicken, you can turn on the burners either side of the meat so it is not in direct heat. There is a second grill above the main cooking grills that is ideal for cooking things that don’t take too much time, or do better for being off the direct heat source. We popped our sausages up there to avoid them getting frazzled, because this baby gets seriously hot!

The side tables offer plenty of space for holding dishes or doing food prep, and there are six hooks for all kinds of barbecuing tools. This Weber grill also has what Weber calls Flavorizer bars - the fat from the meat dribbles onto them, creating flames that help to give the gas grilled food a more authentic ‘barbecued’ flavour.

Speaking of grease, there’s a handy drip tray holder that comes with disposable trays, but we scraped them out and put them through the dishwasher with no issue. Presumably you’d have to replace them occasionally, but you can order some online easily.

Image shows the Weber Genesis EPX-335.

(Image credit: Naomi Mackay.)

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Setup

There's no denying it - the Weber Genesis EPX-335 comes in a BIG box! You’ll need at least two people to manoeuvre it when you get it delivered. The box has to be cut open to get to the parts inside, and Weber has considered sustainability - we especially like that parts were tied together where necessary with velcro, where in the past they were probably fixed together for transport with plastic covered wires.

Inside the massive box, most parts are clearly numbered, which helps to make assembling easier - but then there were a few parts that weren’t marked, which was a little confusing. It took us a good 2.5 hours to get this bad boy set up - and we’re not novices when it comes to putting together equipment/flat-pack furniture. 

We’d recommend downloading the video instructions if you’re not a fan of poring over instructions. Because some parts - like the lid - are heavy, you’ll certainly need an extra pair of hands to help. 

The only part of the grill that seemed of lower quality was the little plastic plug (rather than a screw) used to fix in the cabinet door. We suspect if anything might eventually let you down on this model, that would be it.

The cabinet on this grill is large and your gas canister sits inside it. There’s also room for bits and pieces such as cooking trays, and a smaller door on the side where you might keep other cooking kit and sauces, for example.

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Performance

Because you have four burners to get to grips with, it took a while to take control of the temperatures across the grill. However, once we settled into it, we were pleased with how evenly the food cooked.

Our whole chicken cooked in just over an hour, complete with crispy skin - it was moist and full of flavor. The sear zone gave us a great pattern on our steaks, and with more practice, we can see how this grill could allow you to really make the most of all it has to offer.

You can do far more than grill though - this model is a whole kitchen in one -  switch out the cooking grate for the custom Weber grillwork (available to buy separately) and you can do it all - bake, steam, roast, and even stir-fry!

In fact we think if you're serious about mastering this grill and the art of the barbecue, it’s worth exploring the Weber Academy courses, which are available around the world. 

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Care and maintenance

Image shows the Weber Genesis EPX-335.

(Image credit: Naomi Mackay.)

The Weber Genesis EPX-335 is a large piece of kit - and it’s not cheap - so you’ll want to protect your investment. Weber provided us with a great-quality cover to keep our model out of the sun and the rain. It’s been rained on a few times and it has really protected the kit well. It's a heavy-duty cover, with four velcro straps to help it stay in place when it’s windy.

If you have a large garage or shed, the grill is on four wheels (including two that lock), so you can maneuver it around your patio area and move it into a safe space when it’s not in use.

The grates are relatively easy to clean - Weber recommends using a stainless steel bristle barbecue brush, while the Flavorizer bars should be cleaned with a plastic scraper to prevent damage.

You can use a stainless steel bristle brush to clean the burners and the spider screens should be tackled with a soft bristle brush.

The stainless steel elements should be cleaned with a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner, using a soft cloth - anything harsh will result in scratches. The enameled parts of the grill should be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Weber Master Griller Dan Cooper suggests the following process for cleaning your gas grill: 

  • Start cleaning your gas BBQ by disconnecting your gas tank; consult your owner’s manual for directions on your specific model. 
  • Next, brush the grates to remove any food debris, then spray your grate cleaner and let it settle for 30 seconds. 
  • After that, scrub the grates with the abrasive side of your sponge, rinse with water and set aside for drying. 
  • Spray the grate cleaner inside the cook box and on the Flavorizer bars and let settle for 30 seconds. Scrape the grease and debris off with a plastic scraper and set the Flavorizer bars aside and clean with a sponge. 
  • Wipe down the cook box, drip tray and bottom tray: use a brush when needed. Be careful not to splash water onto the burner tubes. 
  • Make sure your barbecue dries thoroughly before reassembling your grill and finishing your grates with a non-stick spray. 

Weber Genesis EPX-335: Price

  • $1,699 / £1,999

This is Weber’s latest flagship model and the electronic dashboard, lights and connectivity drive the price up. You could opt for a similar Weber model (such as the Weber Genesis S 325s) without the connectivity and save $300-$400 - a considerable saving.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you could halve your spending with the Napoleon Rogue XT 525 BBQ Grill, which has 805 sq inches of cooking area plus a searing station and a sear zone.

Weber Genesis EPX-335: User reviews

Happily for a grill at this price point, most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the Weber Genesis EPX-335 currently scores 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 

Many users pointed out the sheer size of the box when it came, warning others that they’d need to build it straight away if they had nowhere to store it, and some cited the lengthy build time. Other than that, reviews we read were mostly positive.

For the steak the searing zone was incredibly helpful. It came out perfectly medium rare as desired and no burned spots or random flares of the flames. Just clean cooking.

Amazon customer

However, one reviewer felt the lower frame of the grill could have been better quality: “The fire box is solid and meets expectations, but I feel the lower ‘frame’ if you can really call it that may be the first thing to fail. If you did not assemble you may not even notice this. It's sheet metal cornered together and screwed to the base and grill box.’’

Weber Genesis EPX-335: What the experts say

We spoke to Ross Bearman, founder of BBQ gifting company Ross & Ross Gifts, to get his opinion on the Weber Genesis EPX-335. Here's what he had to say: 

The Weber Genesis is perfect for a home barbecue set up - it’s great if you’re looking to grill at the drop of a hat and can easily cook for four to 12 people.

Ross Bearman

"This model is designed for cooking large joints of meat such as roast beef, whole sides of salmon, shoulder of lamb or even pork belly. There’s some really handy zones to work with on the Genesis, meaning you can slowly cook indirect on one side, then move over to the sear zone to finish the meat.

The second cooking area is also ideal for resting meats or if you’re looking to grill vegetables or other quick food. The additional rotisserie feature is also spot on for cooking things such as whole chickens, picanha or leg of lamb.”

Should you buy the Weber Genesis EPX-335?

With its length warranty and sturdy build, the Weber Genesis EPX-335 is going to last you a long time, which makes the price tag a little more palatable - divide the price by 12 summers of solid cooking and it works out at around $140 a year. And if you’re a serious griller, who has the barbecue out every weekend, and possibly in the week too, experimenting with different culinary methods, we think it's a worthwhile investment. 

The Nightvision lights (which are located in the lid handle and run on batteries) are cool, and if you’ve ever had to stand around the grill in the dark pointing a torch at the last batch of burgers to see if they’re cooked, they are a thing of beauty. But with a slightly less techy version available at a saving of a few hundred dollars, you have to decide whether the extra tech features are ultimately worth it - if budget is no issue, they will be.

How does the Weber Genesis EPX-335 compare to competitors?

The Weber Genesis EPX-335 is a fabulous piece of kit, and we highly recommend it if you can afford it, but if you want to spend less, there are other models to choose from. 

You won’t get all the bells and whistles, and the warranty is not as good as the Weber, but the Monument Grills 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill offers a similar size grill and is good value for money. It may not be as pretty as the Weber but it has six burners compared to the Weber Genesis EPX-335’s four, as well as a side burner.

With a lifetime warranty - and a touch of the Weber’s hi-tech features with its light-up knobs and sear plates - the Napoleon Prestige 500 may be a bit more basic, but it does come in at less than $1,000.

Finally, if you’re on a much tighter budget but need a decent cooking space for family and friends, the Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Gas Grill is worth considering. It’s easy to assemble and simple to cook on, but with a short warranty - only one year on some parts, and five years on the burners, you might want to spend a bit more to guarantee a grill that is going to last.

How we tested the Weber Genesis EPX-335

At Top Ten Reviews, we're passionate about providing consumers with the best possible purchasing advice. As such, we extensively test products, from the unboxing and assembling to performance, storage, and maintenance. 

For each gas grill, we timed and assessed the ease of assembly. Then, our reviewers conducted precise cooking tests, from cooking chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, a whole chicken and vegetables. During these tests, reviewers assess the range of temperatures the grill can reach, the cooking times, how even and regular the temperature is, and any accessories that come with the grill. Once cooking tests are done, we speak to experts and seek advice about the best way to clean, store and maintain the grill.

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