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Best mini fridge

Open mini fridge stocked with beverages
(Image credit: @Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash)

A mini fridge makes it easy to store fresh food and chilled drinks in your dorm, office, or even RV. They have a fraction of the capacity of regular kitchen fridges, but it is still enough to store salads and several cans of your favorite drink. Some mini fridges also include freezer space for chilling ice or quick-heat meals. We’ve found some of the top-rated mini fridges and have included them in our round-up. 

Best overall

Magic Chef MCBR440B2 mini fridge

(Image credit: Magic Chef)

Magic Chef mini refrigerator

Includes a crisper drawer

The Magic Chef has a roomy interior, with enough space to hold a gallon of milk, a 2-liter of soda, and so much more. This mini fridge has two adjustable glass shelves with a third shelf just above the crisper drawer. It has a freezer section on top with a slide-out tray big enough to hold TV Dinners or ice trays. 

Best value

Black & Decker BCRK25W mini fridge

(Image credit: Black & Decker)

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25W compact refrigerator

Features a full-length freezer

This BLACK+DECKER mini fridge is only 2.5 cubic feet, but thanks to its design, it still fits a good amount of food and drinks. The door can hold a two-liter bottle, several soda cans as well as food. There are three shelves inside the fridge to hold small items. Two of these shelves are adjustable or can be removed for more room to store taller items. You can also store food in the fridge’s full-width freezer tray. 

Best for cans

NewAir 126 can beverage mini fridge

(Image credit: NewAir)

NewAir beverage refrigerator

Generous 3.4 cubic feet of interior space

The NewAir Beverage Refrigerator is a stylish mini fridge with a locking glass door that lest you see inside without first opening it. It holds 126 canned drinks and keeps them nicely chilled, with temperatures that can go as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. You can re-arrange the five chrome racks to suit whatever it is you’re cooling, including bottles and snacks. This mini fridge doesn't have a freezer section. 

Best portable fridge

compact fridge

(Image credit: Amazon)

Cooluli mini fridge

The best thing since mini fridges

This cute and tiny mini fridge holds only six soft drink cans, but it’s designed to be used with a typical AC electrical outlet, or in your car with the included USB cable. It chills your beverages as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses a thermoelectric fan cooling system that runs really quiet. It comes in seven fun colors. 

 Choosing a mini fridge

A mini fridge is a good investment for smaller spaces such as dorm rooms, offices, or RVs. You can even set one up next to the couch for a never-ending supply of chilled drinks. They typically don’t have enough room to hold a lot of food, usually a few snacks. Mini fridges don’t reach the temperatures needed for chilling wines properly but do work well for canned beverages. Before purchasing a mini fridge, know where you want to put it. This helps you determine the max size you can buy. It’s also helpful to know if you will be using your fridge exclusively for drinks, or if you’ll be storing food in one, too. 

What to look for

Look for a compact fridge with a reversible door – that way, you have more options for where to put it. It's also useful to get a fridge with adjustable, slide-in shelves, as they allow you to store large food items.

Energy Efficiency
Many top-notch mini fridges – including inexpensive models – are Energy Star certified and cost little to operate. Since most people leave fridges running all year round, the savings of an energy efficient model add up fast.

Good Freezer Space
Some mini fridges have no freezers. However, it's nice to have some ice on hand for soft drinks, and it could be beneficial to have a few frozen microwave meals in your office or dorm mini fridge. You often see small, box-type freezers in mini fridges, but the best option is a full-width freezer.

How we researched

We spent close to 80 hours researching mini fridges. During that time, we talked to the manufacturers, pored over specifications, and read online blogs and consumer reviews to learn as much as we could. As we researched, we weeded out models that perform poorly, are exceptionally expensive and don’t use space as wisely as the 10 mini fridges we ultimately chose.

As we evaluated fridges, we relied on our own experiences as students, office workers and homeowners. We considered each model’s features, annual energy costs and specifications as well as the types and sizes of containers it accommodates.

Expert Advice

On her blog My Sweet Savannah, Melaine Thompson explains that buying a mini fridge made her life easier.

"When we made our kitchen island bigger, one thing we added was a mini fridge. I love it and am so glad we did it! Here is why we love it: It's perfect in the summer when the kids come in from swimming, they can quick grab a drink. It's great for parties as an extra place to store beverages. It also frees up space in the main fridge. It is the perfect size for juice boxes."

In her article “My Mini Fridge Taught Me How to Cook” on the site A Cup of Jo, Stella Blackmon describes how her culinary skills have improved since she got a mini fridge.

"The best part of a mini fridge? Nothing is wasted. There’s no casserole lurking in the depths of the freezer or bargain berries expiring under a pizza box. You can’t ‘accidentally’ forget about those bell peppers you’ve been ‘meaning’ to use. Seeing everything at once forces me to imagine the dinner possibilities (stir-fries, quesadillas, salads) I might have otherwise overlooked."

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