Bike Lane Pro Trainer review

The Bike Lane Pro is an affordable magnetic bike trainer that includes a front wheel riser to steady your bike while you exercise.

Bike Lane Pro Trainer review
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The Bike Lane Pro Trainer is a well-built magnetic bicycle trainer, and happily comes with a front riser block to make your bike feel more sturdy during indoor training sessions. Even with the very best bike trainers you don't always get a free riser block, so that's a real bonus considering this is a mid-priced trainer. 

Bike Lane has also designed the Pro Trainer to be compact enough for use in small homes, apartments and home gyms, and to work with a variety of wheel sizes. If you'd rather use your existing bike for indoor cardio workouts and winter training sessions, rather than jumping on one of the best exercise bikes, the Bike Lane Pro Trainer could be the ideal trainer for you. Let's take a closer look at it now...

Bike Lane Pro review: Design

Smooth tires are always recommended for trainers. Since bike training tends to wear out a tire faster than road biking, it is common to acquire an extra smooth tire, or training tire, specifically for your trainer. The Bike Lane Pro accommodates 26-inch, 27-inch, 28-inch and 700C wheels.

Bike Lane Pro's frame measures 15.25 x 21.5 x 18.75 inches and weighs 22.55lbs, making this one of the lightest trainers on our list, though the CycleOps Wind is lighter still. You can easily fold it up and store it away during the warm months when you bike outdoors or pack it in your car for a pre-ride warm up. 

Unlike most indoor bike trainers, which require you to purchase a riser block separately, the Bike Lane Pro comes with a riser block. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

Bike Lane Pro Trainer review: the indoor trainer shown in black

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Bike Lane Pro review: Features

The Bike Lane Pro uses adjustable magnetic resistance with five levels that are just a push away thanks to a handlebar-mounted control toggle. Magnetic trainers are less expensive than most fluid trainers, but they’re usually not the quietest option. 

However, the noise level of the Bike Lane Pro is not that intrusive, so you should be able to watch TV or your phone while riding. The trainer also works with any quick release rear wheel, so attaching your bike to the trainer is pretty simple.

When you start pedaling, the internal magnet creates resistance, and you can increase it by shifting the gears on your own bike. It couldn't be easier. We also like how the extra wide legs create a sturdier base.

Bike Lane Pro review: the bike trainer shown from the front

(Image credit: Bike Lane)

Bike Lane Pro review: User reviews

The Bike Lane Pro Trainer has over 450 reviews on Amazon alone, and attracts an overall score of four stars out of five. 52% of the user reviews are five-star, with 20% attracting four-stars. That's high for a bike trainer, and puts it on a level with the Kinetic Road Machine

Positive user reviews mention how the Bike Lane Pro Trainer is perfect for general aerobic exercise and cycling fitness over the winter, with initial setup being generally quick and intuitive. In addition, it's smaller size makes it ideal for compact homes and apartments. 

Less favorable reviews talked about issues with resistance, and how the Bike Lane Pro Trainer doesn't create an authentic riding experience for that reason.

One user invested in a separate wheel and trainer-specific tire to 'avoid wearing down my more expensive outdoor tires as well as even further reduce the noise output from the whole setup.'

Should you buy the Bike Lane Pro?

The one missing feature that we'd have liked with Bike Lane Pro trainer is smart capabilities and Bluetooth compatibility. Without those, you can’t use connect the trainer to popular cycling apps like Zwift.

If you want an easy to use indoor bike trainer, the Bike Lane Pro Trainer is a good choice. While it isn't the most featured-stacked of machines, it's one of the least expensive magnetic trainers, and has similar durability and build quality of more costly models such as the Wahoo Kickr.

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