Catalina Spas review

Catalina Spas offers excellent levels of customization, with plenty of choices to be made between jets, capacity, cabinet colors and more.

Catalina Spas review
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Catalina Spas offers mid to high-end, extremely customizable tubs, with options for everyone to create a little slice of heaven in their backyard.


  • +

    Added safety features available

  • +

    Wide range of cabinet colors


  • -

    Not all models are smart home equipped

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Catalina Spas specializes in the mid to high-end range of the world’s best hot tubs (opens in new tab), and aims to be exceptional in the design of their products, and really excels when it comes to customization. Catalina Spa prices start at around $5,00 for the Classic models, with Luxury models priced up to double that, at around $10,00 before any add-ons.

Catalina Spas was founded in 1978 and has been making tubs ever since. With strategically placed hydrotherapy jets and water pumps, Catalina Spas has more than just leisure on the agenda, as tubs are good for arthritis (opens in new tab) pain relief too, among other benefits. The brand also makes some of the best swim spas (opens in new tab) for hydrotherapy, inspired by its purchase of Curtis Swim Spas way back in 1985. Even so, how does Catalina Spas match up against their competitors?

Well, Catalina Spas are great if you’re looking to splash out on a new hot tub that you want to make completely your own, with a range of Classic models which are more affordable, and a Luxury line too. Even the models within the Classic range come with a variety of built-in features, like controls for the LED lights, waterfalls, and Bluetooth compatibility. Luxury is a baseline with each Catalina Spa product, with the chance for you to pick which extras you need on top. For more help puzzling this out, we’ve partnered with Buyer Zone to enable you to have a subjective buying experience. Simply fill out the survey below to get tailored recommendations on which type of tub you need.

Catalina Spas Review: Pricing and value

  • Mid, high and luxury tiers 
  • No prices listed on site 

Due to the customization options available when you pick a Catalina Spas tub, the pricing on their website is only available on request, which isn’t great for getting price comparison points. A lack of specific pricing is common in this market, and there are two tiers that Catalina Spas fall into. The more expensive models sit within the Catalina Luxury range, with more affordable options within the Classic collection. 

Roughly, prices within the Classic collection can start from $4,999, placing it in the mid-tier when it comes to pricing (though remember that any given price is before any additional features). The Luxury tier, which is sold as a “fusion of art and science”, has prices upwards of around $8,000 before customization, and packs in more features for your money.

Catalina Spas Review: Models and choice 

  • 14 models within 2 collections 
  • Extensive customization options available 

As previously referenced, Catalina Spas has two ranges available: the Catalina Luxury and the Classic, with eight products available within the Classic collection and six within the Luxury. Though this may be a sparse range in terms of models compared to other manufacturers, such as Jacuzzi (opens in new tab), there’s a chance to make a Catalina Spas’ tub your own through a range of add ons. 

Even within the Classic range, there’s an array of choices, with these tubs ranging from three persons to eight person-capacity. That includes the CL360, Neptune Premium, Samoa Premium, Saber Premium, and the Raptor Premium. Unlike you might guess, the three XL models (XL 21000, XL 22000, XL 26000) aren’t numbered according to their number of seats, but rather their level of luxury, with the later generation models having more jets and pumps.

The Luxury lineup includes models named Kennedy, Armstrong, Nantucket, Hampton, Carlton, and Berkshire, and all feature more extensive pumps and jets than the Classic models. However, the capacity of the Luxury range is more limited than the Classic and only ranges up to six persons.  

Catalina Spas

(Image credit: Catalina Spas)

 Catalina Spas review: Features  

  • Each Luxury tub comes with Gecko K-100 Spa Controls 
  • Wide range of custom features and colors 

Each of the models within the Catalina Spas catalog has options for further customization, meaning you can get the relaxing backyard experience you’ve always wanted. And even without add-ons, the range of features within these tubs is impressive. Even their most budget model, the CL360, boasts LED lighted controls, underwater lights, a waterfall, and Bluetooth-compatible speakers. These features are amped up within the Luxury range, with inclusion in certain models of LED-backlit magnetic pillows, cupholders, HydroFalls, various sanitization systems, and more. Plus, the standardization of the Gecko K-100 Spa Controls within the Luxury range is a real game-changer. 

The Gecko K-100 is a color touch screen from which you can alter the settings of your spa, as well as run cleaning programs and keep up to date with its condition. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via your smartphone (opens in new tab), so you can keep your tub in prime condition from anywhere in the world.

Beyond those features, there’s also a chance for you to get your tub of choice according to whichever color scheme you fancy. Within the Luxury range, you can choose from both tile colors and cabinet colors and match shades together to get the tub of your dreams. Unlike Bullfrog Spas (opens in new tab), which offers a range of design options, Catalina Spas, unfortunately, doesn’t have an option for picking out your shell color, which might be a hindrance if you had a specific overall color in mind.

Should you choose a Catalina Spas Hot Tub?

Catalina Spas are a great option if you want to go to town on additional features and snazzy details, like waterfalls and magnetic pillows. Their prices start within the mid-range, but with add-ons, your tub can end up as expensive as you would like it to be, give or take whichever features you want to bolt-on. 

The Luxury range has smart home features, such as the Gecko controls, that allow it to compete with the biggest manufacturers in the business, such as Sundance Spas (opens in new tab), but these are lacking within the Classic collection. A Catalina Spas tub can be whatever you make it, which is great if you’re looking to get creative with your new outdoor oasis. 

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