Catalina Spas review

Catalina Spas has a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas with holistic health in mind and plenty of opportunities for customization.

Catalina Spas review
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Catalina Spas offers mid to high-end, extremely customizable tubs, with options for everyone to create a little slice of heaven in their backyard.


  • +

    Added safety features available

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    Wide range of cabinet colors


  • -

    Not all models are smart home equipped

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Hot tubs and swim spas by Catalina Spas are designed to soothe muscle tightness, relieve stress, and detoxify the body. That’s a big goal for just one , but with an extensive range and highly customisable features available, their products are some of the best hot tubs and swim spas for your holistic health.

Founded in 1978, the company has had a long time to build upon their hot tub models. From the beginning, they dedicated themselves to the goal of soothing arthritis, targeting muscle pains, and helping customers to tackle a variety of other common health complaints.

Most of the hot tubs produced by Catalina Spas are priced in the mid-level to luxury range, so they may not be the best fit for buyers who are on a budget. The more features you customize or add onto the original design, the more the final hot tub will cost. 

If you’re willing to pay more for premium features, Catalina Spas is more than happy to facilitate your vision. Smart features such as Bluetooth speakers and digital controls create added control and convenience, making any soak more intuitive and entertaining.

Water foundations, floating crystal balls, backlit jets, and backlit cascading hydrofalls also make their hot tub models some of the most stylish around. 

If a highly personalized tub with the capability to soothe aches and pains is high on your wishlist, Catalina Spas should be a good option. The biggest downside is that the range has very few hot tubs to choose from, with just six hot tub models available. Still, this explains why the customisation options are such a big deal.

Catalina Spas: Models and choice

  • 14 models within 2 collections 
  • Extensive customization options available 

Catalina Spas has one single collection containing six hot tubs. This is both the smallest number of hot tubs and the smallest number of collections covered by other brands in our round-up of the best hot tubs. Previously, there was an additional Classic collection with eight hot tubs, but this is no longer listed on their website.

Despite the small number of hot tubs in the Catalina Spas range, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wide choice of features. Each of the six hot tubs has a basic design. With that blank slate, the customer is encouraged to customize the design with add-ons and their chosen cabinet color, meaning that the options are almost endless. 

Catalina Spas

(Image credit: Catalina Spas)

There are no prices listed for the Luxury collection. There’s also no way of sorting the models and comparing features and price ranges on the website. However, after clicking through into the individual hot tub models, typical standard features include digital controls, a sanitation system, LED-lit magnetic pillows, LED waterfalls, Bluetooth speakers, water fountains, and cascades.

There are options to upgrade the hot tub with systems such as an Auto Fill Water System or a Self Extinguishing Fire Feature.

Catalina Spas: Pricing and value

Catalina Spas does not list the prices of its six hot tubs online. There’s also no easy way to get a price range for the models. This makes more sense when you consider that Catalina Spas’ hot tubs are highly customizable, and that the extra add-ons each come with an additional, varying charge. 

This lends itself well to those who want full control over their budget and add-ons. However, at the same time, it can make comparing prices across models or even different brands trickier. To get a more accurate price point for a Catalina Spas hot tub, there’s the option to request pricing. 

The main thing buyers need to consider is that Catalina Spas are known for producing mid-level to luxury hot tubs rather than budget hot tubs. If you’re looking to save on your hot tub purchase, this probably isn’t the best place to start your search.

If the pricing is in line with other hot tub brands, the more jets, water pumps and seating, the more the hot tub will cost. That means that Kennedy is likely to be their cheapest tub, and Nantucket and Berkshire are likely to be their more expensive tubs. There are up to seven seats in Nantucket. 

Should you choose a Catalina Spas Hot Tub?

If you want to browse many different models, Catalina Spas will not have the range that you’re looking for. However, the six hot tub models are highly customizable, meaning that you have greater agency over what the final design looks like compared to other competing hot tub makes. 

Catalina Spas is also not ideal for any customers with a tight budget. The brand has no entry-level models; instead, the models are strictly mid-level, premium, and luxury. Therefore, if you’re looking to treat yourself and your main preference is that your tub has the personality, style, and the features you want, Catalina Spas is a good place to start.

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