Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review

Auto Forward Spy offers a range of remote monitoring capabilities so that you can view your child's online and in-phone activity from afar.

Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review
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While Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review lacks somewhat in plan options, this software offers extensive monitoring and remote capabilities to enable you to keep tabs on what your child is looking at, and doing, on their phone.


  • +

    Wide variety of remote functions

  • +

    Remotely accessible dashboard

  • +

    All Android and iPhone devices supported


  • -

    No way to limit your child's phone usage

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Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring has been designed to help you keep an eye on your child's cellphone activity, enabling you to view, remotely, what they are accessing via their device. It lacks some of the features found with the best cell phone parental control software, but it's still capable of creating insightful reports on your child's internet activity.

It's worth knowing up front that this monitoring software is only offered in one-year terms, which is pretty common. You won't be automatically enrolled into a recurring subscription, so you'll need to renew manually for continuous coverage. 

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Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review: Features

Monitoring a cell phone is more than just having access to a quick overview of recent activities; it's being able to thoroughly track a wide variety of data and receiving it in an easy-to-understand format. 

Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring enables you view phone calls, text messages, photos and videos that your child takes with their phone. You can even look through their stored contacts. 

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Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review

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Additionally, it can show you the phone's browser and GPS history, along with a list of currently installed apps and calendar events. It even reveals any deleted activity, such as photos or browser history.

In a nutshell, Auto Forward Spy enables you to remotely monitor, record, and store any data you deem relevant on your online account. You will also receive important notifications when information is updated. 

Best of all, you can install it on your phone so you don't even have to get out your laptop. Download the app (iOS, Android) to begin.

Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review: Performance

You can easily block website content and apps you don't want your kids accessing. If they still try to search for these things online, you can opt to receive a notification for it. You can also be notified if they try to tamper with the software.

The software is easy to install, requiring only a couple minutes with the target device. It has an intuitive interface and simple reporting, like all of the best cell phone spyware does. With it, you can receive quick updates on your child's recent activity and browse different categories for in-depth data. It runs invisibly on your child's phone.

Texts, calls, social media feeds and more will display on your own phone in real-time when you view that part of the Auto Forward Command Center. You can set alerts and restrictions, and even control your child's phone remotely if you really need to.

Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring review

(Image credit: Auto Forward)

You have access to remote functions with it as well, such as remotely locking the device or uninstalling the app, or taking photos of whatever the camera can capture at the time, without your child knowing. However, it doesn't let you set limits on your child's phone usage time like some other software does.

Should I choose Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring?

With Auto Forward Spy, you can view activity on any Android or iPhone, including your child's recent GPS locations and any deleted content. All of this is viewable in clear, easy to read reports. 

We'd recommend Auto Forward Spy Cell Phone Monitoring if you need real-time coverage and information of your child's phone. Texts, social media posts, videos and more will display on your own phone, giving you insight into what your child is viewing and when. 

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