New bee Bluetooth Earpiece review

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a good budget option that still crams in plenty of features.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a superb Bluetooth earpiece that offers some top-end features at a low-end price.


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    Super affordable

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    Long battery life

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    Three year warranty

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    Great compatibility


  • -

    Won't announce caller ID

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You may not have heard of the New bee Bluetooth Earpiece before, because it's a relatively new brand, as the name suggests. Despite that, this headset comes out packing a powerful punch for the price, which has propelled it into our list of the best Bluetooth headsets.

For your buck, of which you'll need relatively little, you get a lot of features inside a well-designed earpiece that packs in Bluetooth 5.0 for optimal range and battery efficiency. Talking of, this manages an impressive 24 hours of talk time and 60 hours in standby, far more than most other headsets out there, and it does that from just a few hours of charging. You also get Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture 6 tech which means your voice is going to be crystal clear with background noise filtered out well. You even get a three-year warranty and 24-hour customer support to help ease you into the idea of a new name brand.

The headset features an over-ear fit that can be flipped for either ear, power switch and touch controls for answering calls and pausing music. Usefully, this can connect to two devices at once, ideal for work and personal phones, for example. For the price, this is a really impressive setup.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece: Design

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a sleek, minimally designed device which looks premium while remaining compact enough to fit discreetly on the ear. Sure, there are smaller options out there but this is packing in a lot of features and if the device was smaller, that price would be higher.

On the underside is a sliding control for power and the side of the headset is touch controllable for answering calls and pausing music. The 360-degree adjustable earpiece and fitting – which come in three sizes – are a comfortable silicone which should fit most ear shapes and sizes – and this can be worn on the left or right ear.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece

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The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece comes in three color choices of black, silver and gold. Each is finished in a high shine front to add to that premium look. Yes, the build is plastic but that's intentional as a way to keep the weight down to just 0.4oz so as to make sure it's comfortable and ultra-portable.

While this isn't the toughest option out there, it does feel strong, but if you want to go even more rugged, the Jabra Steel is a great alternative.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece: Features

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a very compatible device as it is built to work with both iOS and Android smartphones as well as computers and tablets. Since it works using Bluetooth, the headset can connect to most devices easily enough.

For phone connections, which this is aimed at, the New bee features CVC 6.0 technology which helps to offer the clearest audio both for the caller and the person on the other end thanks to smart noise cancellation tech.

The device comes with a case to keep this secure when traveling. We love the addition of a connected headphone, so you can have both ears in use, making it ideal for more immersive calls but also for listening to music.

This headset is also able to connect with two devices at the same time. That makes this ideal for anyone with a personal and work phone where they may want to jump between calls but stay on the headset without all that usual connection effort.

For something a bit more premium, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless is worth a look.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece: Performance

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece offers impressive noise cancelling audio so calls are clear and loud. The connection between phone and headset is very stable and works for up to 15 meters, at a push. Touch controls work well both for calls and music control.

Battery life is a standout feature as this headset is good for a full 60 hours of standby time. That means a week of use, in many cases. Take calls and that will lower to 24 hours of actual talk time, or listen to music and life is 22 hours on a charge. Since this is USB chargeable it is easy to power-up from phone chargers or in the car.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece

(Image credit: New bee)

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a comfortable fit and the ability to flip it for left or right ear use is a nice option. The inclusion of three different sized silicone ear tips also helps with finding the ultimate fit, so you can wear this for long periods of time without even noticing. 

Everything is backed by an impressive three year warranty as well as 24-hour customer support, which is very generous for the price and can set the mind at ease when buying and using this.

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece: User reviews

From the perspective of those who have used the New bee Bluetooth Earpiece reviews are decent with an average Amazon user rating of 4.1 out of five based on a whopping 28,282 ratings worldwide at the time of writing.

Very happy with the purchase. I can listen to audiobooks, music, and even synced it with my laptop's Bluetooth for video conferencing. The best part is that the battery lasts for days in between charges... not kidding, DAYS.

Amazon reviewer

A negative review said: "Great product when it works. Unfortunately, every so often it just won't power on, or it connects but doesn't actually and I have to power it off and back on, at which point it may not turn back on. It almost acts like the battery is going, but when I get it connected to my phone finally it shows full battery."

Should you buy the New bee Bluetooth Earpiece?

The New bee Bluetooth Earpiece is a super affordable headset that crams in features like voice detection, long battery life, Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls and a 360-degree design. While it lacks premium features like voice controls answering, for the price it's tough to fault this headset. 

If this product isn't for you

If you want the full headphone experience as well as that Bluetooth headset functionality then a dual earbud setup could be ideal. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless set is designed for gaming meaning it's built with a focus on clear and high-quality microphones for calls. The buds are also made to be comfy for long periods of time and feature a good-looking minimal design. 

Synonymous with audio quality, Sennheiser has done it again with the Sennheiser Presence headset which offers superb in-ear audio as well as excellent microphones for clear voice transmission. The look is great, the fit is comfy and the battery life is one of the best out there. The catch? It's not cheap. 

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