Char-Broil Professional 3400S review: a good-sized grill for families

A good-sized gas grill with three burners and a sturdy build

Char-Broil Professional 3400S being tested in writer's home
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The Char-Broil is a reliable BBQ for families and people who host cookouts. It features three powerful burners and is sturdy enough to be placed permanently in your garden. It isn't the best at retaining heat, so you will want to leave the lid closed for most of the cooking process.


  • +

    Very sturdy build

  • +

    Three powerful burners

  • +

    TRU-infrared system for easy cleaning and even heat

  • +

    Removable warming grate


  • -

    Hard to assemble for one person

  • -

    Doesn't retain heat very well

  • -

    Wonky side table and faulty side burner

  • -

    Price may be a bit high for some budgets

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The Char-Broil Professional 3400S gas grill is an excellent option for hosting small cookouts or preparing delicious barbecued food for your family. It has three burners and a Surefire electronic ignition that allows easy ignition without matches or flames.

If you're looking for the best gas grills, the Char-Broil Professional 3400S is definitely worth considering. We'll examine its specs, features, and reviews to help you compare it with other models you might be interested in.

One standout feature I noticed during testing was the grill's size. I was pleasantly surprised by how much space was left over after cooking some delicious halloumi skewers. I also liked the results I got when cooking sausages—they came out crispy with a nice snap when eaten.

While the grill I tested wasn't perfect, it provided an easy and enjoyable experience. However, assembling the Char-Broil Professional 3400S can be challenging, and it's definitely a task that requires more than one person.

Monib Zahdeh
Monib Zahdeh

Monib is a writer for Top Ten Reviews, specializing in many areas including testing gas grills. He has a degree in journalism and over four years of experience in the home and garden industry as a Digital Content Specialist for the made-to-measure marketplace Britannia Rose. When he is not busy evaluating grills, Monib enjoys cooking, going on walks, and visiting different historical sites.

Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Key specs

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TypeGas (propane)
Cooking surfaceGrate
Cooking surface area424.2 square inches
Side burner?Yes
Rotisserie compatible?Yes
DimensionsH45.4 x W50.3 x D20.1 inches
Weight69 lbs

Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Price & availability

The Char-Broil Professional 3400S usually retails around £699.99 and is available from Appliances Direct and Robert Dyas.

The grill boasts many features, and for the price, it is definitely an affordable option for a family that wants to cook delicious food outdoors. For around $300 extra, you could invest in a grill with a number of smart features. If you don't need or want smart features, then this is definitely a solid pick. 

This grill comes with a 5-year Burner, 2-year Firebox, and 1-year parts warranty, which is actually really good considering the price of the BBQ. 

Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Setup

Setting up the Char-Broil Professional 3400S can be a challenge, especially if you are doing it alone. It requires some assembly, and the instructions can be a bit confusing at times. It is recommended that you have someone help you with the assembly process to make it smoother and faster. Some other users also reported that the assembly process can take several hours, so be prepared to invest some time in putting it together.

Char-Broil Professional 3400S being tested in writer's home

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Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Design

The Char-Broil Professional 3400S's design is very classic. It has four wheels so that it can be easily moved around your garden or patio, and the stainless steel exterior makes it very resistant to the elements. If you leave it closed and cover it with something, you should be able to leave this BBQ outside permanently. The only thing that may need to be brought inside is the cast iron grills, which can rust or tarnish when exposed to the elements. 

This particular model uses temperature dials to control the intensity of the burners, which is an excellent addition as I find that touch controls can lose their sensitivity after multiple uses. 

The Char-Broil Professional 3400S has a side table for prepping and serving and a side burner for heating sauces or sides while you grill burgers, sausages, or delicious skewers. 

Unfortunately, the BBQ I tested had a wonky side table, and the side burner did not work. I may have gotten unlucky with a faulty model, but even with much tinkering and tightening, I felt that the side table was flimsy and wouldn't be ideal for supporting too many plates or pots. 

Char-Broil Professional 3400S being tested in writer's home

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Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Performance

The Char-Broil Professional 3400S has features that stand out and help grill your food perfectly. The TRU-infrared grill system provides easy cleaning, 100% even heat, and is up to 30% more economical to use compared to a conventional grill. It also claims to give you up to 50% juicier grilled food—which, to be fair, it does, but I found that this comes at the cost of not having a good crust on things like burgers or steaks. 

The Surefire electronic ignition system allows the burners to be ignited at the touch of a button so that you don't have to waste time or risk burning yourself using barbecue lighters or matches. 

This model also features a side burner for heating sauces or side dishes while grilling burgers, steaks, or chicken. The lid can be folded down to provide additional prep space. It is worth noting that the side burner on the unit that I tested did not work at all, so I folded the lid down and used it as an extra table. 

The stainless steel burners are durable, heat resistant, and won't tarnish when exposed to moisture or salt. There is also a removable warming grate to keep food warm while you cook other things - you can also use the grate to toast bread or cook vegetables. 

Char-Broil Professional 3400S being tested in writer's home

(Image credit: Future)

Char-Broil Professional 3400S: Maintenance

Maintaining the Char-Broil Professional 3400S is relatively easy and straightforward. The grill is made of stainless steel and cast iron, durable materials that withstand the elements. To keep the grill in good condition, it is recommended that you clean it regularly after each use.

The cast iron grates should be brushed with a grill brush to remove any food debris and then wiped with a paper towel or cloth. The stainless steel exterior can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap. You should also check the propane tank and hoses periodically to make sure there are no leaks or damage.

Char-Broil Professional 3400S: User reviews

While I had a fair few problems with the Char-Broil Professional 3400S, I am going to assume I was unlucky and received a faulty unit because users are typically pleased with their units. 

The Char-Broil Professional 3400S has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Best Buy's website, with users praising its ability to cook delicious food while being portable and easy to move. One happy user said, "This is a great grill, and with its four internal burners, it really makes it nice to be able to really control the cooking area."

The small number of unhappy customers are often critical of the build quality, with one customer stating, "I've Been a long-time Char-Broil customer and have used a four-burner grill for the last eight years. The replaced grill was great, and it led me to purchase a new four-burner. The new one is just not made to the same quality as the old one. It's smaller and has fewer quality materials overall. All I wanted was the same thing. Disappointed..."

Should you buy the Char-Broil Professional 3400S?

After testing several grills, I found that this particular model provides excellent value for its price. It is a reliable grill with an impressive number of cooking features. The convenience of lighting the grill at the press of a button is a great feature, and the food it produces is juicier compared to some other models we tested. However, I found that assembling the grill was challenging and would probably require more than one person to complete. So, if you're looking for an easy-to-assemble grill that you can use immediately, this may not be your best model. Despite the challenging assembly process, this grill is still an excellent option for anyone looking for a reliable and feature-rich grill at an affordable price.

How does the Char-Broil Professional 3400S compare?

Compared to the Char-Broil Professional 3400S, the Weber Genesis EPX-335 offers a more high-end grilling experience with smart features and nighttime lights. The Weber Spirit II E-310 is also a reliable option with a 10-year warranty, but it doesn't provide as much storage space as the Char-Broil Professional 3400S. The Weber Q3200 is more portable and compact than Char-Broil but offers decent cooking space. Lastly, the Napoleon Freestyle 425 is a large barbecue that's easy to store and move around and can feed a big family or party, but it may be too big for those with limited outdoor space.

How I tested the Char-Broil Professional 3400S

At Top Ten Reviews, we are committed to providing consumers with the best possible purchasing advice. To achieve this, we conduct extensive product testing, beginning with the unboxing and assembly, followed by an examination of performance, storage, and maintenance. 

When reviewing gas grills, we time and assess the ease of assembly. Our reviewer then conducted precise cooking tests, including cooking chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, whole chicken, and vegetables. During these tests, they evaluated the range of temperatures the grill can achieve, cooking times, the evenness and consistency of temperature, and any accessories that come with the grill. 

Once the cooking tests are completed, we consult with experts to seek advice on the best methods for cleaning, storing, and maintaining the grill. For more, head to our dedicated page on how we test.

Monib Zahdeh
TTR Staff Writer

Monib is a former staff writer for Top Ten Reviews. He has a degree in journalism and over four years of experience in the home and garden industry as a Digital Content Specialist for the made-to-measure marketplace Britannia Rose. When he is not reading or writing, Monib enjoys cooking, going on walks, and visiting different historical sites.