Best microwave deals 2024: shop awesome deals and save money with our helpful tips

microwave deals 2024
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Looking for microwave deals? Look no further. We've put together this handy guide of advice on how to shop smart for the best microwaves, so that you'll be saving money on a great microwave deal. Microwaves are a pretty essential purchase; you don't appreciate how useful they are until yours breaks or you go without one, so we're keen to help you find a top quality microwave to help speed up cooking in your home.

Whether you're after one of the best compact microwaves, or the best over-the-range microwaves that handily double up as an extractor fan, you're sure to find the right deal that's perfect for your kitchen. These microwaves are great at saving you valuable kitchen space whilst looking stylish and modern, so if you're looking for space-saving solutions at a great price, read on to discover more about how to choose the right type of microwave for your home. it could be that you prefer something more compact and portable for your countertop, or a more integrated microwave that fits seamlessly into your kitchen.

We'll keep this page up-to-date by checking and adding all the latest microwave deals whenever they go live for a major sales event, so check back in with us from time to time to see fresh deals. We'll find the best deals all year round, especially during major shopping events like Labor Day and Black Friday, and put them here for you to browse at your leisure. 

If you want even more insider know-how, check out the FAQs and advice on when the best time of year is to shop for microwave deals, plus other great tips, further down this page.  

Best microwave deals and sales

Where to find the best microwave deals?

You can find reduced-price microwaves all year round at these big retailers, and some of them even have extra discounted microwave deals outside of major sales seasons/shopping events too. 

Below is a list of trusted big name resellers that often have low prices on reputable brands, plus when there's a sale on we'll include a few editor-approved deals to shop  too.

Tip: remember, if you find a model you like but the price isn't quite right for you yet, bookmark it and come back a week later; chances are the price may have dropped slightly as it gets closer to a major sales event/holiday.  

When is the best time of year to shop a microwave deal?

Many brands tend to release new stock at the beginning of fall - for the holiday shopping season - and spring - for the new year - so they're the best times of year for finding the best deals. 

If you're looking for a new microwave, the fall season is your best bet. This is because the holiday sales, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon's second Prime Day, occur within the October to November period, and we usually see the biggest discounts on almost appliances, including microwaves, during this time.

This is because many manufacturers are clearing the way to make space for new stock to land in the spring. It's good to keep watch during any end of year sales and after Christmas sales, too, because that's generally when you'll see the return of some Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices as a last ditch attempt to shift stock.

Are there good Labor Day microwave deals?

We see deals on a range of appliances every year during the Labor Day sales, but to be honest, there isn't always the greatest choice, certainly not as much as when it's Black Friday. That said, you'll still definitely find a good selection of microwave deals if you shop around the big retailers, so it's still worth a look during Labor Day sales.

Can I get Amazon Prime Day microwave deals?

If you're signed up to Prime, it's certainly worth checking out what's on offer during Prime Day, as there are some really good discounts. Amazon has one of the best selections of products across the board, and new listings are being added all the time. Prime Day usually provides heavy discounts across home and kitchen appliances, including microwaves. So we wouldn't be surprised to see plenty of choices on offer, just like we did last year. Make sure you're signed up for Prime too.

Are Black Friday microwave deals any good?

Because Black Friday is such a major shopping event, often you'll see Black Friday discounts available up to three weeks before the big day, and even continued for several days after Cyber Monday, so that you've got plenty of time to shop. To make the most bank, brands and retailers often offer their best discounts during this time, so the Black Friday deals are the best opportunity for you to save money on your purchase. 

If you can wait till then, it's the best time of year to buy - so yes, the deals are definitely very good, arguably the best they'll be all year. 

Are Black Friday microwave deals better than after Christmas deals?

Not really; we'd still say that Black Friday microwave deals are going to be the best deals and discounts available this year, as Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, so retailers really up their game during this shopping season. Also, black Friday deals last for a few weeks in the run up to the big day, plus even after during Cyber Week, so there's more opportunity for you to browse and save.

That said, if you miss the opportunity to shop for a microwave deal during Black Friday, then the after-Christmas sales are another excellent opportunity for you to secure a bargain, as many retailers lower their prices to Black Friday levels once again, in an effort to clear out their stock before the year ends. 

End of year microwave deals

The end of the year is a great time to be shopping for any kind of home or kitchen appliance, as it's when that year's last pieces of stock need to be cleared to make way for all the newness of the coming year.

As mentioned above, what we've seen in general is that microwaves are discounted in the weeks leading to Black Friday, and some remain at these low prices all through the after Christmas sales until January.

Presidents' Day microwave deals

Some well-known retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart usually make a pretty big deal out of Presidents Day sales, especially on larger home appliances, but there are still good deals to be had on smaller items like microwaves too, so it's worth checking out in-store and online what your favourite retailers will be offering. 

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The best microwave deals: check back in throughout the year for the most up to date deals (Image credit: Pexels Photo)

Microwave deals: FAQs

Where to shop for the best microwave deals?

To ensure that both the deal and the product are of good quality, make sure you stick to buying from trusted and reliable retailers that accept returns and allow you to take out product protection plans; that way you can rest assured that you haven't been left with a bad product that will break on first use without a warranty or protection plan. Amazon, Walmart and The Home Depot offer protection plan options. 

What makes a good microwave deal?

A good microwave deal is one that saves you some money, ensuring you get a good quality product at a good price. With that, it is easy to just see a low price and get lured in to a bad deal - remember, sometimes you get what you pay for! So, we have a few tips to make sure you invest well. 

Remember that most microwaves fall between a price range of $100 - $400, but really small compact ones can be even less than $100, while really high-end models can go well above $400. For example, swanky built-in microwave drawers can cost more than $1000 and beyond. So if you've found a good deal for less than $100, chances are you'll be buying a microwave with a relatively small capacity. 

Start by filtering down to four stars or more if you're searching directly on a retailer site like Walmart. Also look for trusted brands like BLACK+DECKER, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, etc. that have a good reputation in the market - these brands are well established and are known to make good quality products that last. 

Don't forget to check our reviews too when you find a model you like. And if it seems more expensive than the others, check out what other extra or special functions it has that could be pushing the price up. Don't forget that microwaves come in a range of sizes, so if you want to save some money, don't overspend on a huge capacity model unless you see yourself using it for lots of family meals or large portions/dishes. An appliance that's too large can really crowd your kitchen countertop and make it look cluttered and unwelcoming. 

As with all purchases, it's important to know if you're making the right decision, so make sure to check out the guides mentioned in the intro, as they've got a wealth of information on how to choose a microwave depending on what size and style you need/want for your kitchen.

What to look for in a microwave?

When Top Ten Reviews tests microwaves for our buying guides, there are a few key aspects that we think are vitally important to consider. One somewhat–obvious feature is how well a microwave cooks food: does it leave behind cold spots? Or burned spots? Does it evenly cook the food? 

There are two things to look out for to help ensure your shiny new microwave cooks your food correctly: a turntable (which is fairly standard) and sensor cooking. The latter feature involves the microwave using sensors to measure the amount of steam coming from your food. It then uses this information to determine when it's finished cooking. This technology can even be used to automatically set the power levels and adjust the cooking or defrosting time – a super useful feature that's great for taking the guesswork out of cooking. 

It's also important to consider how much power and space you want and need from your microwave. The two key specs to look at are the cubic foot capacity and the wattage. If the appliance you're looking at is under 1 cubic foot capacity, then it would be considered on the smaller side and you would struggle to cook anything larger than a dinner plate. However, a 1.4 cubic foot capacity would likely enable you to heat up large casserole dishes, so if you have a large family to cook for then you might want to consider sizing up. 

Meanwhile, the wattage of microwaves can vary wildly, but most seem to sit around the 800-1,000W mark (although the upper range of wattage can actually hit 1,950W!). A wattage of 1,000W will be perfectly serviceable for most users (and many microwaves with wattages as low as 700W or 800W are absolutely fine, so don't discount a microwave with a lower wattage if it ticks all of your other boxes). 

Another aspect to consider when looking for a good microwave deal is what type of warranty you're going to get. It's worth looking out for a separate, longer warranty for the microwave's magnetron. This isn't overly common and not every microwave manufacturer will offer it, but it's a useful thing to have (some of these magnetron-specific warranties will often last as long as ten years). However, you're more likely to see an all-encompassing warranty that usually lasts for one year. 

Once you've ticked off the essentials, you'll want to consider features that simply make your microwave easier to use, like a 'Plus-30-Second' button, which is such a useful feature to have (this shouldn't be too hard to find, as it's pretty common now). It's also useful to have One Touch Quick Cook buttons to set the microwave cooking – these usually go up to six minutes. Most microwaves will also feature pre-set buttons for food items such as popcorn, pizza and potatoes. You'll also usually see Defrost functionality in most appliances too. 

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