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Cheap PC deal: Get an XPS desktop computer for only $399 right now!

Cheap PC deal: Get an XPS desktop computer for only $399 right now!
(Image credit: Dell)

If you're still looking for a cheap PC deal ahead of the Holidays, we've found the perfect computer for you. This Dell XPS desktop is currently $399 at Dell (opens in new tab), a huge saving of $250. It comes with a 10th-generation i3-10100 processor (4 core, 3.6Ghz-4.3Ghz), 8GB of RAM, and Intel 630 graphics. You get a 1TB HDD in there too, so that's plenty of storage space. For $399 you're getting a lot of PC for your money, making this one of the best cheap computer deals we've seen in 2020.

While the spec isn't the most powerful you'll get - it's an entry level PC - you get a reliable, smartly-built computer with enough power to run all work apps (although, if you use a lot of video or photo software, you may need more juice) and do some gaming on the side. What's more, the Dell XPS desktops are upgradeable, and they're some of the best-built machines you can buy, so this PC can evolve with your needs and skills once you've paid the low price of entry. The Dell XPS desktops are among the best home computers (opens in new tab) you can buy. Here's the deal in full:

Dell XPS desktop PC | i3 CPU | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD: $649 now $399 (opens in new tab)
Save $250 on this PC with a 10th-gen Intel i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, Intel 630 graphics, and a massive 1TB HDD. This will handle everyday work, happily play some games, and gives you room to upgrade. You're getting a Dell XPS for $400, which is the big win here.

There's no doubt this cheap PC deal is worth getting, but if you're not as familiar with the technical aspect of computers, here's what it all means.

The central processor is an Intel i3 chip, which is one of the entry-level CPUs. It's a 10th-gen model, though, which means it's one of the newest versions, and it can operate between 3.6GZ and 4.3GZ, which is plenty quick. The 8GB of RAM means that you can have several apps open at the same time, and they'll still run perfectly fine. If you're running any of the best photo editing software (opens in new tab), or any video editors, you'd need an i5 processor and 16GB of RAM, but most people don't need that for everyday work.

It comes with integrated Intel 630 graphics capacity, which means that it can run all but the biggest games, at moderate settings. You won't get Cyberpunk running on this PC, but it'll handle something like Fortnite and Minecraft. The package is topped off with a 1TB hard drive. Many PCs have SSD storage in 2020, but this costs a lot more, so the HDD is a cost saver. You've got 1TB of space, though, so you'll be able to store loads of apps, games, photos, and videos on this PC.

All Dell XPS desktops can be upgraded too, so you can add new things like a faster CPU, more RAM, or a speedy SSD if you need to. The computer itself comes with Windows 10 installed, and a wireless networking card to allow you to connect to the Internet via your router. All you need to buy in addition is a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, which will cost you anything from $150 upwards. When you check out at Dell, you can add these items to all be delivered at the same time.

We recommend adding the Dell 24" monitor (S2421H) (opens in new tab), as it's big enough for home working, and it has a built-in speaker for sound. You can save $70 on it too, right now, making it $129. This Dell keyboard and mouse combo is $39.99 (opens in new tab) and it's fine for everyday use.

Total cost of this PC with monitor and accessories? $570: and it'll ship for free in time for the Holidays. Absolute bargain. And if you need it, we have a list of the best webcams (opens in new tab) too, to help you connect more easily to video meetings.

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