Complete home working set-up: Save $284 on this Dell Inspiron desktop PC bundle

Complete home working set-up: Save $284 on this Dell Inspiron desktop bundle
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The Dell Inspiron Desktop Bundle is one hot Prime Day deal that has just landed and likely won't be around for long as it means a whopping $248 saving on this perfect computer for working from home. Grab the Dell Inspiron Desktop Bundle for $899.99 while the deal still runs.

If you, like many others, are spending more time at your PC than you may have before, a new machine could be a great idea. We rank the Inspirons among the best home computers for 2021. Since this won't cost you as much as usual, it could be a great time to invest in a bit more power to making your working day go that much smoother.

This bundle includes a couple of Dell 24-inch monitors, so you've got your display needs all sorted. It comes with a webcam too, and a keyboard and mouse, which is really all you need to get yourself perfectly set-up for home working. All for less than $900.

Dell Inspiron Desktop Bundle | Was $1,184.95 | Now $899.99 from Dell
Save $284.96:

Dell Inspiron Desktop Bundle | Was $1,184.95 | Now $899.99 from Dell
Save $284.96:
This Dell Inspiron Desktop Bundle gives you a great saving while throwing in a year of hardware cover as well as 12 months McAfee LiveSafe protection. The machine itself packs in 128GB or storage, 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 630.

The Amazon Prime Day USA deals don't stop coming and despite that deluge of deal goodness, this still stands out. Not only can you make a pretty sizeable saving on a 10th Gen Intel powered machine but you're getting it from a big name brand. As such that means despite being a relatively affordable price you can rest easy knowing it's coming from Dell.

That means the one year of hardware service support that's included here comes right from Dell. Yup, just like back in the office where you don't need to worry about the machine going wrong – as you're covered by that hardware support and McAfee virus protection. Not that a problem will be likely on a brand new machine like this, of course.

This machine comes with an i5 processor, which is fine for all home working tasks (unless you're called on to do photo and video editing), and while the 128GB of storage is probably as small as you'd want to go, it'll boot Windows 10 lightning fast.

To complete your home working set-up, combine it with a Prime Day Printer deal and you're all set to go.

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