Spirit Dental & Vision Review

Spirit Dental & Vision is one of the smallest dental insurance companies we reviewed, but the average premiums are the most expensive on average.

Early Verdict

Spirit Dental & Vision is not the most affordable option available, but the high max limit and no waiting period make it ideal for people who need a lot of dental work quickly.


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    You can get partial coverage for implants with no waiting period.


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    The average premiums are very expensive.

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Spirit Dental & Vision is one of the smallest dental insurance companies we reviewed, but the average premiums are the most expensive on average. That said, it provides the highest max limit and there’s no waiting period on major procedures, which makes it an excellent value if you know you’re going to have a lot of dental work done, such as implants, bridges, crowns, root canals, dentures or child orthodontia. Another advantage of Spirit is how it tailors plans to individuals, families and seniors.

For this review, I got quotes for individuals, couples and families in each region of the U.S. Spirit’s average premier plan costs nearly $84 per month for an individual, $170 for a couple and $277 for a family of four. Each of these is the highest premium available. In addition, the basic plan averaged $40 per month. By comparison, Delta Dental is $16.40 per month and Guardian Direct is $20 per month. 

The best features of Spirit Dental & Vision is the high maximum limits and the lack of a waiting period. Most regions had up to eight plans, varying from $750 to $5,000 max limits (the amount of money the insurance provider pays out on claims each year). When you combine a high max limit with no waiting period, you have a great option for people who need a lot of work done right now. So, if you have implants or root canals you need to get done, the expensive premiums can be worth it. 

Despite having no waiting period, the plans don’t cover a high percentage of the procedures in the first year. For example, it pays just 20 percent of major procedures during the first year, but increases with each year until it hits 50 percent. 

One other nice feature is the lifetime deductible. Once you reach your deductible, you will never pay that fee again for the entire time you have Spirit Dental. Most companies reset the deductibles annually. 

It's easy to get a quote online, and its network of dentists is one of the largest we reviewed. You can find specialty dentists on the website, although you should always confirm with the dentist's office that it still accepts your insurance.

Spirit Dental has a lot of benefits for those who require more than the usual dental care: lifetime deductibles, up to $5,000 in coverage, no waiting period and coverage for major dental issues. The premiums and copays are such that you may lose money over a year if all you use this plan for is regular dental care, but it's worth considering if you know you have major dental procedures in your future.

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