Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect - which cordless vacuum is best?

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer a convenient and flexible option for vacuuming your home. Operating on rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to worry about tripping up on a cord or struggling to reach spots far from your power source. They're also super versatile, with attachments for various surfaces and quick spot-cleaning.  More recently, advanced features like intelligent sensors, adjustable and powerful suction, and quiet operation are making them the choice for busy family homes that want a convenient and quick choice for vacuuming.

While there are hundreds of options on the market, Dyson tends to lead the pack regarding design, suction power, and innovation. But which Dyson to plump for? In our blow-by-blow comparison, we look at two of the brand’s most popular models - Gen5Detect Absolute vs V15 Detect.

Founded by Sir James Dyson in 1991, Dyson has revolutionized the vacuum cleaner world with its innovation and performance, introducing innovations like cyclonic separation and powerful suction. The company continues to lead the field, constantly innovating and improving its products, which many companies can only hope to achieve.

The Gen5Detect Absolute features adjustable suction, HEPA filtration, dust detection, and a piezo sensor displaying particles on an LCD screen. It transforms from a handheld to a stick vacuum and boasts a large dustbin for prolonged cleaning, making emptying less frequent. The extended 70-minute runtime ensures efficient, uninterrupted vacuuming. It’s also done away with the Dyson trigger button, making it easier to use.

The V15 Detect is also one of the best cordless vacuums with laser technology to uncover fine dirt, a Piezo sensor, and an LCD screen indicating particles. It offers many features and accessories similar to the Gen5Detect Absolute. However, it still features the older activation trigger from previous models, has poorer suction power, and has a shorter battery life.

We take a deep dive into each vacuum cleaner's essentials, from design and features to performance. Find out who cleans up best - the Gen5Detect Absolute or the V15 Detect - and who makes it into our best vacuum cleaners guide. 

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute LED screen

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Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Design

Whichever vacuum cleaner you purchase, you’ll want something well-designed, making it easy and convenient to use and empty. And let’s face it; it’s even nicer if your vacuum cleaner has the wow factor. The Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute and the Dyson V15 Detect each offer stylish designs, but which one is top?

Both units feature the modern and sleek design one expects from Dyson, keeping the attractive scalloping on the base unit, a deep, wide handle, a smoked plastic dustbin, and a blue filter casing. Each offers a user-friendly build that transforms from a handheld vacuum to a stick vacuum in seconds by clicking on the wand. They both feature an LCD screen at the rear of the handheld unit, offering a real-time display of the number of particles your vacuum cleaner collects during vacuuming. You can toggle through three power modes and check how much battery life is left on both models, and both will flag any blockages or filter clean reminders on the screen. 

So far, so good. But there are some striking differences in design. The first is in the colorways used with each model. While the V15 Detect features a yellow and iron colorway distinctively Dyson, the Gen5Detect Absolute moves the needle up in design, featuring a rich and exclusive Prussian Blue and rich copper colorway. It’s very luxurious and expensive looking, with a subtle gleam. 

The second most significant difference in design lies with how you activate the handheld unit. While the V15 Detect sticks with the old trigger you must keep pressing for operation, the Gen5Detect Absolute does away with it entirely, which is good news for those who suffer from finger fatigue! It features a simple power button just above the LCD screen that you touch once to turn on and power off.  Much easier to operate!

The Gen5Detect has one final design trick up its sleeve by cleverly building the dusting and crevice tool into the wand, available at the touch of a button. No more rooting around those cupboards to find the right accessory for spot cleaning. 

When it comes to the design crown, we’ve got to hand it to the Gen5Detect Absolute for removing the trigger button. This alone improves the usability of the handheld unit by 100% in a single masterstroke.

Dyson V15 Detech

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Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Features

The Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute and the V15 Detect share advanced features, such as adjustable suction power, HEPA filtration, and the ability to transform from handheld to stick vacuum. They both feature a Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head that uses laser lighting to pinpoint dust and hair on hard floors, although this is improved slightly in the Gen5Detect Absolute. Each also uses piezo sensor technology to display particle details being removed on the LCD screen and has a 0.2-gallon dust cup with the same method for emptying.

The differences in features between the two models are subtle but may be important if you value a longer battery life and a shorter charging time. While the V15 Detect has a battery life of 60 minutes and a charging time of 4.5 hours, the Gen5Detect Absolute offers 70 minutes of battery life for the same charging time. So you’ll get extra precious minutes to vacuum your home for the same charging time. However, that does explain the heavier weight of the handheld unit.

The Gen5Detect Absolute offers better suction power, with 262AW, than the V15 Detect’s 240AW. The motorbar cleaning head also features a subtle difference. While both vacuums feature anti-tangling technology to cope with longer hairs, the Gen5Detect Absolute’s cleaning head is intelligent enough to adapt to different floors, adjusting suction power. 

And, of course, we’re back at the removal of the trigger for the Gen5Detect Absolute, which improves usability and reduces hand fatigue, especially if you’re using the vacuum for longer.

So who wins? While we applaud the variety of features the V15 Detect offers, the Gen5Detect Absolute has all of these, only better, and adds a few extra features to boot. So the Gen5Detect Absolute beats the V15 Detect when it comes to features.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute being tested on carpet in living room

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Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Noise levels

Rather than taking Dyson’s word for it, we checked the decibel levels recorded for both models in our separate Top Ten Reviews on-site. 

We found that the V15 Detect operates at around 69 decibels, which is quieter than average for vacuum cleaners (usually around 75 decibels). When cleaning hard floors, the noise reduces because the level of suction needed isn’t typically as high. 

During testing of the Gen5detect Absolute, we recorded noise levels of between 65 and 73 decibels, depending on which mode you use. 

Based on this info, it looks like the Gen5Detect just inches past the V15 Detect for quietness during operation, but to be honest, there probably isn't much in it.  

Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Performance

Looking back to our at-home testing of the Gen5Detect Absolute and the V15 Detect, we’d say they offer a similar performance. Both adapted their suction to cope quickly with oats, cookie crumbs, and flour on various hard and soft surfaces. Neither of our testers could complain about how well they managed with dirt, dust, and debris during their testing. 

However, Boost mode seems significantly more substantial on the Gen5Detect Absolute, and the brighter light with the Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head makes vacuuming hard floors a breeze. The Gen5Detect Absolute also claims to pick up particles as small as 0.1 microns, while the V15 Detect can only pick up 0.3-micron particles. Theoretically, this should give you a much deeper clean and pick up any allergens on the floor.

Once again, it looks like the Gen5Detect Absolute pips it to the post regarding performance. However, the V15 Detect also offers excellent performance and cleaning ability, so it has a very good chance of providing just as satisfactory a clean.

Dyson V15 Detect

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Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Price & availability

Both the V15 Detect and the Gen5Detect Absolute are available on the Dyson site and selected retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot. While both vacuums are expensive, the Gen5Detect Absolute is currently Dyson's most expensive standard-sized vacuum cleaner. Larger-capacity, more expensive versions of the Gen5Detect Absolute are also available. 

By shopping around or using discount codes,  users may pick up the V15 Detect ($749.99) or the Gen5Detect Absolute ($949.99) for less than the recommended retail price. More affordable deals may also be available on eBay and other marketplace sites.

Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect: Our verdict

The Gen5Detect Absolute stands out with its 70-minute battery life, thoughtful design modifications, and superior cleaning power. Its enhanced suction, intelligent motorbar, and removal of the trigger button make it efficient and user-friendly. While the V15 Detect features laser technology and versatile attachments, the Gen5Detect's extended runtime, performance, and design improvements make it the better choice if you’re deciding to upgrade your vacuum cleaner.

If you’re not convinced by either of these, or you'd like to see what else is on offer before you decide, check out our guides on the best robot vacuums, cylinder, and stick vacuums, all tried and tested here. 

Dyson V15 Detect | was $749.99, now $594.50 at Amazon

Dyson V15 Detect | was $749.99, now $594.50 at Amazon

If you're searching for a powerful, cordless vacuum that can confidently tackle the whole house, the Dyson V15 Detect may just be the one for you. It has automatic power adjustment, laser illumination, and a handheld vacuum mode. When we reviewed it, our expert awarded it almost full marks.

Price Check: Amazon $618.80

Dyson V15 Detect | was $749.99, now $594.50 at Amazon

Dyson V15 Detect | was $749.99, now $594.50 at Amazon

If you're searching for a powerful, cordless vacuum that can confidently tackle the whole house, the Dyson V15 Detect may just be the one for you. It has automatic power adjustment, laser illumination, and a handheld vacuum mode. When we reviewed it, our expert awarded it almost full marks.

Price Check: Amazon $618.80

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