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The brand's most powerful cordless vacuum

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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute has advanced suction power, HEPA filtration, and dust detection, making this one of the most impressive cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.


  • +

    Large capacity

  • +

    70 minutes of run time

  • +

    Easy to empty and clean


  • -

    Very expensive

  • -

    May be too heavy for some users

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According to its makers, the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. Featuring a host of unique features and tools and an impressive runtime of up to 70 minutes, Dyson promises advanced suction power, HEPA filtration, dust detection, and a piezo sensor that picks up and displays all particles captured on an LCD screen. 

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute comes with an array of accessories, transforming from one of the best handheld vacuums to a stick vacuum in seconds. It also provides three separate heads for hard floors, carpets, upholstery, dusting, and crevice tools. The extra capacity in the dustbin means you can vacuum your whole house without emptying the bin, while the extended runtime gives you complete control over your cleaning routine. 

The model is also a top choice for pet owners who are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. With its powerful suction technology, it can easily pick up pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. The HEPA filtration system also captures allergens and bacteria, making it perfect for homes with pets. The crevice tool and dusting tool make it easy to clean pet hair from tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

If the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute isn’t the best cordless vacuum cleaner for you, or your budget is much smaller than the price tag, check out our best vacuum cleaner guide. There, you’ll find the best robot, cylinder, and stick vacuums, all tried and tested by us.

Meanwhile, this review closely examines all the features and accessories the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute offers. I also test battery life, suction power, and ease of use to see if they live up to the high expectations I tend to have of any new Dyson vacuum.

Joanne Lewsley
Joanne Lewsley

 Joanne Lewsley is Top Ten Review’s Customer Advisor for vacuums, cleaning, and air quality. She’s a UK-based freelance writer and editor covering health and lifestyle reviews, news, and features. 

Joanne tested this vacuum over several days in her home, where she lives with her husband, son, Golden Retriever dog, and long-haired cat. 

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Key specs

  • Type: Cordless
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.2 gallons
  • Suction power: 262AW
  • Battery life: Up to 70 minutes
  • Battery charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Suitable for: All floor types
  • Dimensions: 50.23 x 10.8 x 9.8 in (with stick)
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Storage: Wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Warranty: 2 years

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute components laid out beside each other on cream carpet

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Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Price & availability

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is at the very top of Dyson’s vacuum offerings, so it requires a big budget of around $949.99 / £849.99

Of course, the features and functionality that Dyson offers are superb. The brand is also well-known for customer support, service, and quality.  A 2-year warranty will also give you peace of mind should any repairs or replacements be necessary. 

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is available in an exclusive Prussian blue and copper color, which can only be bought from the Dyson website.  If that isn't your preferred color and/or you are happy with a purple stick, then the Dyson Gen5detect can be bought from Best Buy or Target.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Setup & assembly

Like all Dyson products, the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute comes in 100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic or polystyrene in sight. So you can recycle every last piece of packaging without any concerns. 

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute in its box

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Rather than a manual, the vacuum comes with a QR code that links to the My Dyson app. Here, you can register your product, activate your warranty, and find information on everything relevant to your specific Dyson appliance. This includes a user guide, information on getting started, care and maintenance, help using the tools and accessories, troubleshooting advice, and much more. No need to add your warranty and manual to an over-stuffed drawer  - it’s all online on your smartphone or laptop. 

Almost all the information comes with a useful video to illustrate any instructions. A ‘digital assistant’ is also available to help you find the information you need if it’s unavailable via the app. 

In any case, putting the vacuum together is easy and intuitive. The filters are already in place, so there’s no need to assemble the base unit, which incidentally comes partially charged so you can get started immediately.  The battery unit is already installed, and this is easy to remove if you wish to charge the battery separately.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute LED screen

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Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Design

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute features a new colorway different from Dyson’s standard orange, purple, and gray. Instead, the unit and accessories come in a rich, deep Prussian Blue and Rich Copper, giving the vacuum a luxurious, high-end look and feel.

A large LCD screen at the back of the unit displays the number of particles your vacuum cleaner collects during vacuuming. You can also toggle through three power modes and check how much battery life is left. It will also flag if you must clear a blockage or clean the filter.

As with the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, the significant change from previous models to the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is removing the trigger button. Whereas with previous Dysons, one would have to hold the trigger in continuously, the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute now features a simple power button just above the LCD screen that you touch once to turn on and once to power off. It is much easier to operate with the bonus that it eliminates finger fatigue.

The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute keeps the attractive scalloping of the V12 on the base unit. Above the deep, wide handle, the filter is housed in a transparent blue plastic casing, leading into the Prussian blue and Rich Copper casing. This colorway is repeated in the wand and various attachments, with red or gray to pick out any essential buttons and connection points.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute being tested on sofa cushions

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Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Performance

We’ve already tested plenty of vacuums in my home, including previous Dyson models, so I was interested to see how the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute tackled pet hair, dirt, and debris in my three-bed home, given that I have a child, two long-haired pets, and two adults who work from home. 

First up was a general vacuum to see how long the battery lasted and how well the three brush heads coped. I was impressed with how much dust and pet hair the vacuum picked up on its first pass in a large carpeted room. 

I also found the Hair screw tool was just the right size for cleaning stairs, and it also picked up an incredible amount of fur and dust. The crevice tool is perfect for along the sides of stairwells and sofas and makes a great car vacuum. The duster brush is ideal for sweeping gently along skirting boards, ornaments, and photo frames. 

Next, I tried the Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head. If you think Dyson’s claim that it shows twice as much invisible dust is a bit of an exaggeration, think again. This shows up in everything, from the tiniest specks in the hallway to the giant dust bunnies lurking under the wardrobes. There’s nothing more satisfying than using this cleaner head on a hard floor!

Each brush head maneuvers beautifully around furniture and into tight spaces, leaving no dusty gaps or corners behind.

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head

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As with the Dyson v12 Detect Slim, you can see the particles being vacuumed up on the LCD screen. While it’s fairly interesting and shows how well the Dyson is coping with larger and smaller particles, it doesn’t feel particularly relevant after a while, although many may disagree.

It’s easy to empty the dust cup, too. A lever at the side of the cup can be pushed down, and the cup opens to push everything out of it. You can also pump the lever several times to eliminate any packed-in dirt. 

While Dyson claims up to 70 minutes of running time, it’s important to note this would only apply to eco mode. Vacuuming my dusty, hairy home full of pet hair, kibble, and cat litter on Auto mode took more power as the vacuum sensed more particles. So, my vacuum session lasted just over 30 minutes before the battery needed recharging. However, that was enough time to vacuum almost every room, including the stairs and sofa. Just one rug in the spare room was left unvacuumed from the session.

The battery takes around four and a half hours to charge fully. If you have a large home and want to get it all vacuumed in one session, you may have to invest in an extra battery that you can swap over to or use eco mode throughout. 

My at-home testing also included checking how good the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute was at sucking up fine particles, such as flour, and larger particles, including oats and cookie crumbs, on carpeted floors and hard floors. Tests were performed in a 210-square-foot living room with a thick carpet and rugs and a 73-square-foot kitchen with a hardwood floor. 

Whichever head I used, for carpet or hard flooring, I found the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute sucked up every last particle, usually in one or two passes. 

I also checked the noise level of the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute during operation and found that Dyson has made their most powerful vacuum cleaner even quieter than previous models. I recorded noise levels of between 65 and 73 decibels, depending on which mode you use. This is considerably quieter than the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, which reaches levels of 83 decibels. 

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute handheld mode

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Dyson Gen5detect Absolute: Expert opinion

Cleaning expert for Housetastic and cleaning business owner Karen Barrigan says, “The upgraded motor on the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute delivers up to 262 air watts of suction, making it a very powerful machine. Another improvement on this model is the laser light on the fluffy floor head. The beam is much brighter and now easier to see in the daylight. This is great as it allows you to identify more dirt, dust, and crumbs that may have accumulated on the floor. In addition, the longer runtime makes it an ideal stick vacuum for those with larger homes”.

However, Barrigan also points out how heavy and expensive the vacuum is. “For some users, the extra weight may make it difficult to use for long periods of time. Another downside to this model is the high price point. It’s significantly higher in price compared to many other cordless vacuum models.”

Dyson Gen5detect Absolute being tested on carpet in living room

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Should you buy the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute?

Buy it if...

You want something with a large capacity

The dustbin has extra capacity, allowing you to vacuum your entire house without needing to empty it.

You need a longer runtime

The extended runtime means you can clean for longer without needing to stop and recharge - great for larger homes.

You want all of the extras

From the LCD screen to the multiple brush heads and Fluffy Optic mode, you're unlikely to miss any stray dirt.

Don't buy it if...

You're on a budget

There's no denying that Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is pricey, and other similarly-specced products beat it on cost.

You don't want something heavy

The hand unit has some heft, so it would be no good for those who want a lightweight vacuum. 

You have a really small home

Extended runtime and capacity are great but might not justify themselves if your home only takes 20 minutes to vacuum in its entirety.

How does the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute compare?

If you have a smaller budget, the Levoit VortexIQ 40 Flex is similar to the Dyson in terms of performance. It’s incredibly effective at cleaning, sturdy and well-made, and comes with many accessories. It’s also much more affordably priced than most Dyson models.

However, it doesn’t include laser detection, real-time particle data, and an LCD screen.   

The Aspiron Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a tiny fraction of the price of the Dyson. It’s very light and easy to use, and it features LED lights and a good-sized dust cup. However, maneuverability is an issue, with nowhere near as much flexibility as the Dyson, and some accessories are poorly made. 

If you prefer the sturdiness of an upright vacuum cleaner, the Bissell CleanView OnePass worked consistently well on hard flooring, carpets, stairs, and upholstery in my at-home testing. Of course, pet owners will benefit from the excellent suction power that comes with this model, too. 

For those who are considering buying a Dyson cordless vacuum, it's essential to know the difference between the Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect. Both models have some similarities, such as the powerful suction technology, advanced filtration system, and a range of accessories. However, the Dyson V15 Detect comes with a laser technology that illuminates dust and dirt particles, making it easier to detect them, while the Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute features a piezo sensor that displays all particles captured on an LCD screen.

The Dyson V15 Detect has a longer runtime of up to 60 minutes compared to the Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolute's 70 minutes. It's worth noting, though, that the Dyson V15 Detect comes with a higher price tag, so it's essential to consider your budget and cleaning needs before making a purchase decision.

How I tested the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute

I tested the Dyson Gen5detect Absolute vacuum in my three-bedroom house, home to a messy child, two long-haired pets, and two adults. I tested the battery life and assessed the performance of the vacuum using the different brush heads provided, noting how much debris, dust, and hair were collected.

I also evaluated how effective each setting was on the vacuum cleaner. Part of my testing included how well the vacuum cleaner picked up smaller and larger particles, including cookie crumbs and flour.  Finally, I evaluated how easy the vacuum was to maneuver and maintain and how convenient it was to store away when not in use.

Read more about how we test.

First reviewed: July 2023

Joanne Lewsley
TTR Customer Advisor, Vacuums

Joanne Lewsley is a reputable freelance writer specializing in evidence-based health and lifestyle content. With a background in journalism and extensive experience working for known brands, Joanne rigorously tests and evaluates home gadgets. Her passion for writing is complemented by her love for the outdoors and live music.