RYOBI RY40204A review

The RYOBI RY40204A Electric Weed Eater is a cordless electric weed eater with an impressive battery run-time.

RYOBI RY40204A review
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The RYOBI RY40204A is a 40-volt trimmer with the power to run longer than many other battery-powered weed eaters and a good range of extra features too.


  • +

    Variable speed

  • +

    40-volt high-capacity battery

  • +

    Adjustable cutting width


  • -

    No shoulder strap included

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The RYOBI RY40204A Electric Weed Eater is a great all-round electric weed eater. It’s a battery-powered lawn trimmer that can keep cutting for longer than most other battery-powered weed eaters, so it can handle larger gardens with ease. It’s also lightweight, at just 5lbs it ties with the Sun Joe TRJ13STE for the lightest model in our round up of the best electric weed eaters.

While it’s not as adjustable as some of the other electric weed eaters on our list, it does still have a wide range of features that make it a great addition to the garden shed. It’s also a little pricier than some of the other weed eaters we’ve looked at, but it does sit in that sweet spot of not being limited by a cord, while still providing great cutting power, so it’s not surprising that this adds to the cost.

RYOBI RY40204A: Pricing and value 

The RYOBI RY40204A is priced at around $110, so while it’s not as expensive as the Worx WG163, it is almost four times the price of our best budget pick, the Sun Joe TRJ13STE. However, we do think this weed eater offers good value, even at the higher price point. 

Battery models tend to be that bit more expensive anyway and, if you have a large area to trim, a cord can be limiting. But, battery models don’t often allow for long cutting times, so to find one that does offer the power to cover a larger area with the convenience of being cordless is a big plus. It’s also been well-thought-out in terms of extra features, so this is an electric weed eater we’d happily pay that bit more for.

RYOBI RY40204A: Features 

It’s the 40-volt battery supplied with the RYOBI RY40204A that allows it to combine the convenience of cordless with fantastic run time, even allowing it to beat the run time of most gas trimmers without experiencing power fade. It’s also quick to charge too, often taking less than a couple of hours, much quicker than the five hours of charging the Worx WG163 batteries tend to need.

The auto-feed string head allows you to advance the line with the pull of the trigger and an 11 to 13-inch adjustable cutting width lets you choose between longer run time or a wider cutting path. The trigger is also a safety trigger, so you can prevent accidentally starting the weed eater.

It might not be as adjustable as the Black + Decker LST300, but it is really lightweight and has been designed to balance its weight well. It does have fittings for a shoulder strap to be added, but the strap itself isn’t included. Like the Black + Decker LST300 it does have edging capabilities and switches between the two functions easily.

RYOBI RY40204A review

(Image credit: Walmart)

RYOBI RY40204A: User reviews 

User reviews are generally really positive, so the RYOBI RY40204A Weed Eater scores an average of 4.3 out of five at Walmart. Users reported that it was powerful and efficient, with the battery often lasting for over an hour of cutting before it needed recharging. Reviewers noted that it both trimmed and edged nicely, leaving them with manicured flower beds.

The odd reviewer had trouble with the line advancing not working and found they had to do it manually, but they also noted that they weren’t sure whether it was a design flaw or a one off problem.

Overall, reviews were really positive, with users loving being able to have the convenience of a cordless weed eater as well as a long enough battery life to cut and edge as they needed to.

Should you buy the RYOBI RY40204A? 

The RYOBI RY40204A Weed Eater is a great all-rounder for both trimming and edging. It may be a bit pricier than other models, but that’s because it does a great job of combining the ease of cordless with a great battery run time. While it is lightweight, the lack of an adjustable shaft and handle means the Black + Decker LST300 could be a better option for anyone who finds using a weed eater to be a strain.

It’s also on the expensive side and if a corded model isn’t a dealbreaker for you, then the Greenworks 21142 could save you some money. It’s a powerful weed eater at almost half the price of the RYOBI Weed Eater. 

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