Sun Joe TRJ13STE review

The Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater is an electric lawn trimmer that’s easy-to-use and powerful.

Sun Joe TRJ13STE review
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The Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Grass Trimmer is lightweight and easy-to-use, while also handy in tight spots, but it does work through spool lines quickly so be prepared to replace them regularly.


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    Four degrees of cutting


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    Spools need replacing regularly

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    Not as powerful as some other models

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The Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater is a lightweight lawn trimmer that weighs in at just five pounds, so you can use it for longer without triggering achy muscles. While the 4-amp motor isn’t the most powerful on the market, it's enough to get the job done quickly. It’s a corded electric weed eater, so you won’t need to worry about gas or oil and the lack of toxic emissions is a great plus point too. The cord does mean your range is somewhat limited, but there are some great cordless options in our round up of the best electric weed eaters if you prefer. 

Sun Joe TRJ13STE: Pricing and value 

Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater is at the budget end of the market, priced at just over $30. As you would probably expect from a budget model, it doesn’t have the power of some of the more expensive models, like the Greenworks 21142, but it’s enough to do a good job of trimming lawns. While it is one of the cheaper models on the market, it’s worth keeping in mind that it does go through spools of string at a quicker rate than other strimmers, so it’s worth factoring in the cost of replacement spools. The two-year warranty is also an extra plus point for a budget model, so you can be assured you will get your money’s worth out of this weed eater.

Sun Joe TRJ13STE: Features   

For a budget weed eater, the Sun Joe TRJ13STE has a nice range of features. The 4-amp motor might not be the most powerful on the market, for example, the Greenworks model we mentioned above boasts more than double the amperage, but the Sun Joe has enough to tackle weeds and overgrown lawns without a problem. The cutting swath is also smaller than that of the Greenworks weed eater, but at 13-inches it’s still decent.

It’s not just its light weight that makes it easy to handle. The ergonomic handle also helps lessen the strain if you have a lot of lawn to cut and the telescoping pole helps with any hard-to-reach areas. The rotating shaft means the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater also easily adjusts for edging functionality, with 0, 15, 30, and 45 degree cutting options. For anyone who’s just as proud of their flowers as their lawn, the flower guard is a nice feature that helps to protect against accidental trimmer contact, helping keep your blooms intact.

As an electric strimmer, it’s designed to be maintenance-free as well as quick and easy to use. An auto-feed feature enables this weed eater to make sure you always have the right length of line, so there are no interruptions for line adjustments.

While the cord could be a little inconvenient, it does have a few features that help. A cord hook helps to keep the cord out of the way while cutting and it has a cord lock feature too, both of which help prevent the cord from being an obstruction while trimming.

Sun Joe TRJ13STE: User reviews

Users tend to rate the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater at an average of four out of five at Walmart. They comment that it’s quick and efficient, while also trimming their lawns effectively. Many were surprised at the power produced by a budget model and felt the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater offered great value for money.

A number noted that the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater worked its way through spools really quickly, for some this was a deal-breaker as the expense of the extra spools meant they wished they had paid a bit more for a different model, but others just noted that it was annoying but they felt the power and performance available at such a low price outweighed the spool problem. One or two did note that constant spool changing did mean that the spool cover wore quite quickly.

Overall, users felt the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater offered great value and they were pleased with its performance.

Should you buy the Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater? 

The Sun Joe TRJ13STE Electric Weed Eater is a great budget option with well-thought-out ergonomic features, so it’s a good option for those who find lawn strimming to be a strain. Even without the amperage of more expensive models, it’s power output and performance is good.

The cord could prove to be a hindrance to some though, but the Black and Decker LST300 is a cordless option that could be a great alternative. 

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