Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Poolguard Door Alarm features 6 feet of hook-up wire and a sensor and switch to trigger an alarm when someone opens a pool entrance or gate. The alarm sounds within seven seconds of entry, allowing you to go see who entered the area and stop anyone from potentially falling into the pool.

A 6-foot adjustable wire allows you to install the alarm up to 6 feet away from the trigger, which attaches to a magnetic sensor on the door, window or gate. When someone pulls the door open and disconnects the magnets, it sounds an alarm. The trigger wire works at any distance, allowing you to install it on the doorframe for ease of access or on the wall if that is more convenient.

The alarm works well on back doors, gates and windows, allowing you to get an alert when children go into a back yard or pool enclosure. While it does not alert you when someone enters the pool itself, you do get a warning when someone accesses the pool area, which allows you to act. Once set, the alarm continues to go off until an adult comes to reset it, even if the child closes the door behind them or reconnects the alarm. The alarm also features an optional screen door kit, which is available separately.

A 9-volt battery powers the Poolguard door alarm for approximately a year, allowing you to consistently replace the battery once yearly. It also features a low battery alert to remind you when to replace the battery, and it may run low on the battery if it is triggered frequently. The adult pass feature pauses the alarm for 15 seconds and then resets to allow adults to go through the door without setting off the alarm. It immediately resets to normal use. The pass time is longer than many alternative models, which gives you more time to go through the door, especially if you are bringing children with you.

While mainly suitable for creating an alert when young children try to go out the back door or into a fenced pool area, the Poolguard serves the purpose well, alerting anyone inside of the house that the alarm has been tripped. Because it does not feature a remote on/off switch and is not waterproof, it is mostly only suitable for indoor use or under a porch.

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