The FUJINON XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR contains 17 glass elements, so you get sharp photos taken across the entire focal range of the DSLR camera lens. A high aperture allows for a fast exposure, adding to the clarity of subjects, especially in low-light environments. The lens is also designed to be weather proof, keeping out water and dust when you shoot in the elements.

The manufacturer, Fujifilm, is renowned for advanced optics for not only personal DSLR camera lenses but for health, science and cinema. Fujifilm pours its experience of high-end optics into this lens with 17 different glass elements, including three aspherical lenses to reduce aberration at wide angle and three extra-low dispersion glass lenses to reduce color fringing when going telephoto.

The lens surface is coated with a high transmittance electron beam coating which is meant to control image ghosting and lens flare in your photos. Layered on that is a nano-gradient index coating which reduces unwanted flares from incidental diagonal light in your shot. The lens is optimized to shoot clear photos even at the lowest apertures where images tend to be blurred.

The lens features a fast and silent autofocus that clocks in at 0.06 seconds, which means the lens can quickly react to a scene in action. Fujifilm attributes this speed to an ultralight focus lens and twin motors. The shutter is also made to be silent for all-around quiet photo taking. There is a manual override feature, however, if you prefer to take control of your focusing.

Each side of the lens is sealed to keep out the weather. Water, dust and temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius won’t affect lens operations, especially when it’s paired with a model from the equally weatherproof Fujifilm X camera series.

If you put stock into precise and carefully constructed optics, Fujifilm offers the pedigree to make the FUJINON LENS XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR a quality lens. It’s compatible with the Fujifilm X camera line. Multiple layers of glass applied with Fujifilm’s technology bring forth clear and crisp photos. The fast focusing and weather sealed construction boosts this lens to a professional level.

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