The AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR by Nikon is a macro lens for portrait and close-up photography. If you’re looking to expand your photography into shooting small subjects with crisp detail or portraits of your friends and family, then a micro lens is must have for your arsenal. This DSLR lens also touts advanced vibration reduction to keep your photos looking steady and sharp. 

When focusing in on a close-up or small object, this DX Micro NIKKOR provides a 1:1 reproduction ratio. This microscope-like lens is perfect for shooting photos of flowers, insects and portraits with detail and sharpness. The lens can focus in on objects up to 0.9 feet.

Nikon’s VR (vibration reduction) technology is an important feature that assists in handheld shooting. Using motion sensors, the lens can detect motion before and during exposure of the photograph, shifting the image and compensating for any shakiness in the shot. No photographer can be perfectly still when shooting, so this feature is ideal when you’re working without a tripod and eliminates any blur you’d normally get from handheld shooting. It’s important to keep in mind though, that this only compensates for your own movement and doesn’t help when your subject is in motion.

The best DSLR lenses have an auto-focus feature, but the DX Micro NIKKOR adds its silent wave motor, which autofocuses the lens without a peep. Unlike most auto-focus DSLR lenses, there isn’t a button to shift from auto to manual focus. Instead you simply turn the focus ring on the lens to quickly switch to manual. Manual focus is important for macrophotography where precise focus is key to getting a clear shot.

This lens is best used with Nikon’s DX line of cameras, which are APS-C. Using the lens on Nikon’s full-frame FX line will cut off the corners of your photos. The good news is that DX lenses and cameras are inexpensive.

If you don’t mind lying on the ground to shoot tiny insects or plants, or you want to start a portrait taking business, Nikon’s macro lens offering is a useful lens option. Vibration reduction means not always having to haul your tripod around and the auto-focus and manual override feature gives you more control over your shot.

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