Panasonic takes a cue from its experience in video to optimize its Lumix G X Vario Lens 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH for the Micro Four Thirds format. This lens is built with 14 glass lens components and makes use of its high aperture for fast exposure for sharp images, clear of any distortion or aberration. An advanced optical image stabilizer is included with video capture in mind.

The lens is constructed with professional grade glass, which includes UED (Ultra Extra-low Dispersion) glass to curb chromatic aberration and UHR (Ultra High Refractive) glass to boost performance and sharpness in your corners. A nano surface coating technology reduces ghost images and lens flares to keep images clear.

The lens features a silent autofocus system that is powered by a motor. When paired with a Lumix G camera, the autofocus is even faster with the camera’s Contrast Autofocus system by Panasonic. It helps the camera search for the highest contrast condition while the lens is being moved, making autofocus more accurate.

Panasonic's Power OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) makes taking both still shots and video easier. Even though the fast exposure already allows for sharp and clear pictures, the OIS further compensates for shakiness and low-light environments. There’s a switch on the lens to turn this feature on and off. This image stabilization paired with the silent focusing motor makes this lens optimized for video recording.

This lens is compatible with Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds format cameras. This lens can be fitted onto an older Four Thirds model with an adapter. Unlike typical DSLR cameras, Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds cameras don’t contain a mirror inside and can be more compact. At 2.9 inches in length and weighing only 0.6 pounds, this lens makes a light addition to an already light and compact mirrorless camera. The lens is also sealed to protect against moisture and dust, making it a plus for outdoor photographers.

Panasonic’s pedigree of video capture shows in this lens that implements features that are optimized for shooting video as well as photos. A quick and quiet autofocus alongside Power OIS makes for clear and steady video footage and still images. With weather sealant and compact design, this lens makes a great upgrade for your Micro Four Thirds camera.

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