Third-party lens maker Rokinon drops several features that are usually standard for DSLR camera lenses to make a simple lens that delivers an ultra wide-angle shot at 14mm for an astoundingly affordable price. With its focus on optics, the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Ultra Wide Angle contains high-grade components to keep shots sharp and defined.

Ultra wide-angle lenses are useful for sweeping landscape shots or cramped interiors. With an 115-degree view, this lens can fit a lot of detail into your photos of architecture or extensive meadows. The lens also focuses in as close as 0.9 inches, letting you get up close to your subjects.

To keep your photos from looking like they were shot with a fisheye lens, this wide-angle lens is built with two extra-low dispersion lens elements, one hybrid aspherical lens element and one glass aspherical lens element, all with the purpose of keeping your photos free of distortion and aberrations. Photos shot with the 115-degree view will look straight and natural. An outer coating on the lens keeps your shots free of flares and ghost images.

You may notice a lack of features that are typically standard on modern DLSR lenses, such an autofocus mechanism. Focusing is all manual with this lens, as is controlling the aperture, which you set with a click ring on the lens. Also missing is image stabilization technology (like Nikon’s VR or Canon’s IS features), so the use of a tripod is highly recommended with this lens.

The lack of these functions allows Rokinon to sell this lens for much cheaper than the mainline lenses. This a full-frame lens, and Rokinon makes versions of it for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras. It will work with most APS-C camera mounts. However, the wide angle will be scaled down to about 90 degrees instead of the full 115 degrees.

This lens offers ultra wide-angle shots for a much more affordable price than competitors, albeit without many of the features that digital photographers have grown accustomed. The lack of an autofocus and image stabilization can be compensated for with a tripod and a sharp eye. If you don’t mind the absence of theses staples and just need a simple ultra wide-angle shot, this lens is optimal and affordable.

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