The Sony SELP1650 lens fits in your pocket while touting a powerful and precise zoom powered by a tiny motor. A compact lens like this is ideal for replacing a bulky kit lens when you want something smaller. Added features are designed to make photos you take with this 16-50mm DSLR zoom lens sharp and vibrant, notwithstanding its compact design.

When fully retracted, this lens measures 1.18 inches. This slim style of lens is sometimes referred to as a pancake lens. If your aim is to make your camera kit as small as possible, then a pancake lens is the way to go. When the camera is turned off, the lens automatically retracts. Likewise, when powered on, the lens springs into action. While it’s not as powerful as larger DSLR lenses, the SELP1650 attempts to compensate with a powerful zoom feature.

The power zoom is controlled by both a lever on the bottom of the lens and by turning outer ring. The lever allows for quick, almost instantaneous zoom, while the ring can be maneuvered for precise framing. When the lens is switched to manual focus, the outer ring controls focus and the lever becomes the only way to zoom. The motor for the power zoom keeps it smooth and silent, which makes videos shot with this lens look and sound more natural.

The lens is built with Optimal Steadyshot, Sony’s version of image stabilization, which helps keep photos looking stable and blur-free. However, if you’re trying to capture foreground and background blur effects, the lens has a circular aperture to help obtain that specific focus you’re going for. It also helps eliminate fuzziness in low-light pictures. The lens is built with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass that Sony claims boosts contrast, resolution and color fidelity.

This is an APS-C lens, which normally wouldn’t work on a full-frame camera; however Sony’s full-frame mounts automatically pare down to an APS-C size, making it compatible with nearly any Sony DSLR camera.

The SELP1650 is light and travels well, so it is a good choice if you want to take your Sony DSLR on the go. The slim design lets you easily fit it in your purse or backpack, effectively giving your high-end DSLR camera the size and function of a point-and-shoot.

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