Pros / At 320 x 240, the E8 is among the highest-resolution cameras that we reviewed.

Cons / A lack of additional features may prove limiting for some users.

 Verdict / By cutting out extra features like Wi-Fi, touchscreen and voice annotation, the E8 can offer the highest resolution at a reduced cost. These features may not be optional for some, so make sure that you can live without them before your purchase.

With a laserlike focus on image quality and thermal precision, the FLIR E8 is a low-cost thermal-imaging powerhouse. Although it's missing features like onboard flashlights, laser pointers and Wi-Fi connectivity, its unique combination of excellent image quality and low price make it an attractive option.

With an impressive resolution of 320 x 240, the E8 has image quality that is as good or better than any other single-handed thermographic camera currently available. It also features a built-in digital camera that produces good images you can use as reference photos or combine with the infrared images. It also has a fixed-focus system. This means that you never have to adjust the cameras focus, which can be convenient, but you won't get as precise a focus as manual or autofocusing cameras offer.

The E8 shoots JPG images that store large amounts of radiometric information. This is useful because, while they do not require conversion to share, they are packed with important data that can be analyzed with FLIR's included software.

Between the temperatures of minus 20 degrees and 250 degrees Celsius, this thermal infrared camera produces measurements with a 2 percent accuracy rating and is sensitive to temperature differences of less than 0.06 degrees Celsius. With specifications like these, you can be sure that your readings are accurate and detect all but the most subtle differences in temperature.

The E8 is compact yet durable. Weighing just over a pound, it is by far the most powerful thermal-imaging camera in its weight class. Don't let its minimal weight fool you, however, because the E8 is just as durable as the heaviest, most expensive cameras, and it is engineered to withstand falls of up to 6.6 feet.

A standard lithium-ion battery is housed within this durable outer shell and can last you up to four hours on a single charge. This infrared camera doesn't come with an external charger, so you'll have to charge it within the camera when it's running low.

FLIR is an industry leader in product support, offering the most comprehensive warranty currently available. All of its thermal cameras are covered by what the company calls 5-10-2 protection. Under this coverage, the E8's battery is warrantied for five years, its detector for 10 years, and parts and labor for two years from the date of purchase.

  • Infrared Resolution
  • Standard Resolution
  • Charge Time
  1. The number of pixels captured by the infrared sensor. Can range from 0.005 megapixels, to 0.08 megapixels.
    Greater is better.
  2. 6  FLIR E8
    0.08 Megapixels
  3. 0.08 Megapixels
  4. 0.08 Megapixels
  5. 0.04 Megapixels
  6. Category Average
    0.04 Megapixels


The FLIR E8 combines a low price with exceptional image quality in an attractive package. While the camera lacks extra features and add-ons, it achieves top-of-the-line image quality and thermal accuracy while maintaining a midrange price point.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Infrared Resolution (pixels)
320 x 240
Standard Resolution (megapixels)
Focus Type
Thermal Image Format
Radiometric JPEG

Thermal Precision

Sensitivity (Celsius)
Temperature Range (Celsius)
-20° to 250°
±2° C
Emissivity Correction

Battery Life & Design

Battery Life (hours)
Charge Time
Spare Battery
External Charger
Dust & Splash Protection
Drop Rating (feet)
LCD Size (inches)

Auxiliary Features

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Voice Annotation
Text Annotation
Illuminator Lamp
Laser Pointer
Video Recording
Mobile Applications
Radiometric Video

Help & Support

Warranty (years)
10 Detector / 5 Battery / 2 Parts & Labor
User Manual
Phone Support
Email Support