Ever wanted to smell your favorite movies? IFA 2022 could have the answer

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While IFA 2022 is almost over, the vast array of incredible products on display has left a remarkable impression on the Top Ten Reviews team. From dancing fridges to ovens that can post images of your cooking dinner straight to social media, there was plenty to be impressed by. However, a device seemingly inspired by the 'Smell-O-Vision' of 1960 was one of the most interesting products to catch our eye. 

iRomaScents is a compact device that is designed to release a 'tightly directed dose of a scent called a "whiff", either on demand or in sync with a video'. This product can be loaded with up to 45 different scents at a time, with 'hundreds of lifelike scents' available, from outdoor environments (presumably such as forests or grass), food, drinks and perfume. This device is designed to store over 5,000 'whiffs', which the brand states is 'enough for weeks of unattended operation'. 

While iRomaScents suggests that this product could be a great fit for cinema and retail environments, we're particularly interested in its application for the home – particularly when used in conjunction with the best TVs and the best sound bars. iRomaScents explains that movie and game directors will be able to add scent to their projects using the ScentTrack editor. This proprietary editing software will enable video editors to add scents to a movie or commercial, similarly to how a soundtrack can be added. 


(Image credit: iRomaScents)

The company explains, 'Select the aroma you want, drag it onto the ScentTrack timeline, and it will be automatically triggered when the movie/ video reaches that point'. This will mean that consumers will be able to smell the 'musty odor' of dungeons in a video game, or the 'pine needles' of a forest in their favorite movie. 

Exciting and futuristic this might be, but how close are consumers to being able to experience this for themselves? According to the iRomaScents website, the device is expected to launch as a 'fully viable product' during 2022 and patents are pending. Agreements with developers and manufacturers are currently being finalized and iRomaScents is also in discussion with universities regarding potential cooperation.

As such, we wouldn't expect to see iRomaScents on the shelves any time soon. However, we wouldn't be surprised to see the device pop up in fragrance stores a little sooner as a quick and easy way for customers to test perfume. 

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