Black & Decker Performance Dicing FP6010 Review

The Black & Decker Performance Dicing (FP6010) food processor relies on multiple blades and disks to chop food into small chunks.

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Although this Black & Decker food processor has an impressive feature set, it sits lower on our lineup because it achieves inconsistent results.


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    It comes with three blades and three disks.


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    The grating disk cannot fully reduce hard cheeses to a consistent size.

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The Black & Decker Performance Dicing (FP6010) food processor relies on multiple blades and disks to chop food into small chunks. This food processor comes with more accessories than any other model we reviewed. However, it also takes a long time to clean, and it struggles to grate hard foods that other food processors chop up without hesitation.

Although this isn't a top-rated food processor, it cuts through many types of food with ease. It has an 800-watt motor in addition to three blades and three cutting disks for processing a wide range of foods, including hard and soft cheeses, potatoes and nuts. The device provides an average level of performance, reducing food to tiny pieces but usually leaving some larger chunks behind. This issue becomes more apparent when processing harder foods like almonds or parmesan cheese. In our hands-on tests, the processor left some almonds nearly untouched. While processing fresh parmesan, the device left behind large chunks of cheese. This may indicate dull blades or some other flaw in the design.

From an assembly standpoint, this small food processor takes some work. You have to slide the blades into the plastic grooves in the center post, which is time consuming and surprisingly tricky. The blades fell out multiple times during our testing, especially while processing hard foods. This slows down food preparation considerably.

This is one of the best food processors in terms of power, though it is not one of the easiest to clean. It took us 13 minutes to clean the device, due largely to the numerous nooks and crannies where food manages to get stuck. The appliance has fewer individual pieces than many other units, yet due to the design of each part, it proved much more difficult to clean after each use.

While this blender food processor is equipped with more blades and disks than any model we reviewed, it struggled to chop hard foods into fine pieces. It chopped, sliced and pureed softer foods deftly, but it had a tough time grating parmesan and slicing almonds. Despite its powerful motor, this Black & Decker device fails to provide consistent results.

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