Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room window air conditioner review

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room delivers top of the line quietness and power with Wi-Fi controls and good looks.

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room Review
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The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room air conditioner is a more expensive unit for those that want the best without worry about price. That means Wi-Fi smart controls, quiet running, powerful cooling and filter plus secure locking in place.


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    Super silent running

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    Good looks

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    Secure wall fixings

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    Wi-Fi app controlled


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Here's everything you need to know about the Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room. We've researched the latest window air conditioners, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best window air conditioners around.

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room: What you need to know

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room window air conditioner is for anyone that doesn't worry about price because they want the best. That is to say this offers some of the best performance and features when it comes to consumer grade air conditioners.

Installation of this heavy unit may be a major event but then once it's done you can rest easy knowing this is one of the more secure units for your home. It should also give you long term peace of mind thanks to smart Wi-Fi controls allowing for future updates to keep this cutting-edge too.

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room window air conditioner is a really good looking device. Well, good looking as air conditioners go, at least. But it also comes with plenty of power, with units ranging from 6,000 BTU right up to 35,000 BTU.

In the case of the smaller units the Energy Star rating makes for efficient running costs. The backing of a dual filter system also helps by making your home air more clean as it cools. 

So is this high-end window air conditioner the one for you? Read on to find out.

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room: Design and build

  • Minimal design
  • LED display
  • Anti intrusion
  • Heavy

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room air conditioner is a unit with some serious heft. It's so heavy, in fact, that you may want to get it professionally installed. Another reason to shell out for that is because this also features an anti intrusion build so you want to make sure it's installed correctly. This should mean it's more difficult for any would be intruder to get into your home via the window this is installed. Also, thanks to this having a slide out chassis it's good to make sure it's in place correctly. 

The looks of the Kuhl are decent with a minimal white front that is topped by dual opening louvres. This has next to it an LED display with touch button controls. All in all it's a well laid out and tightly designed unit. Since it's all made from high-quality materials you should be able to rest easy knowing that your investment is going to last you a very long time.

The unit is delivered in recyclable materials and the refrigerant used is the eco-friendly R-410A type, meaning you can also feel good knowing you've chosen a more environmentally friendly unit. Well, as environmentally friendly as air conditioning can be, at least. 

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room: Features

  • Smart Wi-Fi controls
  • Dual filtration
  • QuietMaster tech

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room a/c is one of the more advanced units thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity which works in conjunction with the Friedrich Connect app. That means you can control the unit from anywhere you have a network connection – ideal if you want the place cooled for your return when out and about. Also helpful is a 7-day program that lets you set what the unit is doing throughout each day and night, meaning less effort needed on your part. Unless you break schedule, of course, in which case the app is there for easy adjusting.

Silent running is also a big draw here as Friedrich uses its QuietMaster tech which it claims makes this up to 45 percent quieter than the competition. This uses a steel inner wall and extra dense insulation to block out external noise while a "vibration isolating design and components" reduce operating noise. As for the air flow itself, this uses dispersion for high air flow at low sound levels.

The air in your home should not only be cooled but cleaned too with the Kuhl series. This is thanks to a dual filtration system which uses an antimicrobial filter to make sure your air in as clean as possible. This can be maintained by easy removal and cleaning which you're alerted to by a reminder when needed – ensuring it runs at maximum efficiency.

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room: Performance

  • Very quiet
  • Powerful cooling

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room unit varies by which BTU output level you go for but presuming you have the right one to suit the size of room you're cooling then you can expect excellent performance. Cooling is fast yet energy efficient and remains quiet to a level that's good even for sleeping.

Gripes can be found when installing as some of the mounts aren't ideal and you may need to buy more. This is a reason why a professional installation is a good idea since this is the only real issue and will be sorted by a professional who installs this correctly. A nice touch here is the ability to run the power cable out of either side of the unit so it can work perfectly with your home layout. 

The app works well and is easy to use – in fact you'll probably rarely use the LED display and buttons on the machine itself since the app does the job so capably. The ability to smart control the unit using voice controls is also a nice touch that means you don't have to lift  finger to cool down if needed.

There are reports of units going wrong after a year of use but with a five year warranty even this isn't a major worry. Also, we'd say opt for more power rather than less to suit the room size so as to be using the unit less and putting it under less strain to cool the space. 

Should I buy the Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room?

If you want to get a really quiet air conditioning unit that also ensures your window space is super secure from entry then this is for you. If design is important as well as Wi-Fi smart controls and build quality are priorities then the Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room is ideal.

However, if you want to save some money and don't mind missing out on things like looks and Wi-Fi controls then you could save money going for a competitor model – just don't expect it to be as quiet in most cases. 

Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room: Verdict

The Friedrich Kuhl Smart Room window air conditioner is one of the best out there - as you'd expect for the high price. That extra money gets you superior quiet and security from this unit as well as excellent smart controls via Wi-Fi and voice commands. Air filtration, looks and low running costs are all great features that make this a stand out air conditioner.

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