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Thorkitchen Professional HRT3618U Review

The versatile Thorkitchen HRT3618U gas cooktop has six burners – one more than the other products we reviewed.

Our Verdict

The Thorkitchen HRT3618U has more burners than most gas cooktops and they cover a wide temperature range, so it’s worth considering if you like to make a lot of different dishes at the same time.


  • It has six burners.


  • You can’t use a metal wok ring on its grates.
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The versatile Thorkitchen HRT3618U gas cooktop has six burners – one more than the other products we reviewed. Its burners also have an impressive heat output range, so you can simmer delicate sauces on extremely low heat, then turn up the flame to sear meat. This Thorkitchen model uses natural gas, but you can buy an optional converter kit if you prefer to cook with propane instead.

Its two front burners can reach as low as 650 Btu, which is perfect for melting butter or chocolate, and as high as 15,000 Btu, which is good for general cooking. The three rear burners each reach a respectable maximum of 12,000 Btu, and the middle front burner goes as high as 18,000 Btu – hot enough for cooking that requires high heat like stir frying and searing. However, you cannot use a metal wok ring on the HRT3618U’s grates, unlike with some of its competitors.

The cooktop’s cast-iron grates evenly cover its entire surface. As such, you can slide hot, heavy pans from one spot to another without lifting them – an important safety feature that prevents spills. The front-facing control panel is easy to access, and you use the stainless steel knobs on it to control the heat. If you prefer the look of recessed control knobs, consider the LG Stainless LCG3611ST.

Since its burners are sealed to prevent drips from falling beneath the cooktop, the HRT3618U is easy to clean. However, the burner caps are not dishwasher-safe. Instead, you remove them and wash them by hand with soap and water. You can also wipe down the cooktop’s surface with soap and water, or you can use a commercial cleaner.

Most gas cooktops come with a one-year warranty, but Thorkitchen covers the HRT3618U for two years. Its warranty covers both parts and labor.