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Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA Review

The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA’s stovetop is packed with extra features. For example, the five-burner cooktop includes a remarkable dual-power burner.

Our Verdict

The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA gas stove has a convection oven with an abundance of features, including a gliding rack. When you add in its flexible, well-designed cooktop, it is one of the most versatile ranges we evaluated.


  • It’s a mid-price range with lots of extras, including a convection oven.


  • It doesn’t have a steam self-cleaning cycle.
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The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA’s stovetop is packed with extra features. For example, the five-burner cooktop includes a remarkable dual-power burner. This burner outputs as much as 18,000 Btu, which is hot enough to quickly boil a huge pot of water, but can also adjust down as low as 5,000 Btu, which is warm enough to simmer and melt delicate foods like cheese and chocolate without damaging them.

The stove’s left front burner is also powerful, outputting up to 15,000 Btu, and the left rear and center rear burners output 9,500 Btu, which works nicely for general cooking. The right rear burner only goes as high as 5,000 Btu, so it’s good for gently cooking delicate food. In the center of the cooktop, there is an oval-shape “bridge” burner that can handle large and elongated cookware like roasting pans. You can also position a handy removable griddle over the bridge burner.

This Samsung gas range comes with a wok grate. Because of their rounded bottoms, woks typically don’t cook well on a standard burner, so this grate is a boon for people who want to make home-cooked Asian foods.

The Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA has a good-size, 5.8-cubic-foot convection oven. Convection ovens have fans that move heat throughout the interior, so food cooks evenly. There are two standard oven racks and another heavy-duty rack that glides on ball bearings. The gliding rack slides smoothly in and out, making it safe and easy to handle big, heavy items such as turkeys, hams and roasts. You can arrange the racks in seven slots to accommodate your cookware. Further, you can keep an eye on your food without opening the oven door by looking through the large window. This versatile range is big enough for most families, but if you need an even bigger oven, the LG LRG4115ST has 6.3 cubic feet of space and might work better for you.

The NX58F5700WS/AA’s oven is equipped with a delay start mode, so you can put food in, set the time you want it to start cooking and then go about your business – the oven will automatically start cooking the food at the time you set. If dinner is delayed on a weeknight or you are cooking for a large group, you can use the oven’s Keep Warm feature, which keeps food warm for up to three hours. The range also has a warming drawer below the oven to keep things hot enough to eat without drying them out. In addition, this Samsung model has a Sabbath mode, which can keep food warm in kosher kitchens.

This model doesn’t have a steam self-cleaning cycle, but it’s heat self-clean mode effectively clears away messes. One other downside is the range only comes in one color: stainless steel.

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