Gree MULTI24HP312 review

The Gree MULTI24HP312 is a premium ductless air conditioner for multiple zones.

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The Gree MULTI24HP312 is a high-end system with three indoor units that can cover up to 1,550 square feet combined.


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    Three indoor units

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    WiFi capabilities

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    Energy efficient


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The Gree MULTI24HP312 is an impressive premium model that is capable of cooling or heating three spaces of up to 1,550 square feet combined thanks to an impressive 31,000 BTU cooling capacity and 35,000 BTU heating capacity, easily making it the most powerful system in our round up of the best ductless air conditioners. 

While ductless air conditioners have the advantage of being much easier and cheaper to install if you don’t have existing ductwork, which can easily cost thousands of dollars to implement, they don’t have the same level of coverage with single-zone units only able to offer coverage in a single space. However, the Gree MULTI24HP312 has the advantage of offering a mid-point option. With three indoor units, it can offer cooling and heating in three separate spaces, covering key areas of your home or workplace. And while the Gree MULTI24HP312 is pricey for a ductless air conditioner, it’s still a lot cheaper than installing a new system of ducts.

Gree MULTI24HP312: Pricing and value 

The Gree MULTI24HP312 is available for around $2,900. This makes it the most expensive system we reviewed, but it also offers the widest coverage. The two 12,000 BTU indoor units and one 9,000 BTU indoor unit can heat or cool three zones with a combined area of up to 1,550 square feet. This means you could have customized airflow in your lounge, kitchen, and bedroom for greater comfort in much-used areas of your home.

While it is an expensive option, it is one of the few ductless air conditioning systems that come even somewhat close to the level of comfort offered by a ducted system, which would cost thousands of dollars to install if you don’t have existing ductwork to utilize. So overall, this system could be a lot cheaper than a ducted system.

It’s also a compact system with a high-quality finish. It’s designed to be durable and with five-year warranties on proof of proper installation.

Gree MULTI24HP312: Features 

The Gree MULTI24HP312 is a high-quality ductless air conditioner that is designed to last. The outdoor unit utilizes acrylic resin anti-corrosion coil protection for both energy efficiency and to prevent coil corrosion in corrosive environments, helping this system continue running for years to come. This system does come with good warranties too, comprising a five-year warranty on all parts and the compressor is also warranted for a period of five years. Both require proof of proper installation so it’s worth considering hiring a professional to ensure you have the full coverage of these warranties.

The system is powered by Gree's energy-efficient G10 inverter and a variable-speed compressor, which helps reduce noise and save energy for lower monthly bills. It also aids airflow comfort by keeping the room temperature steady by eliminating the abrupt starts and stops of conventional systems.

Gree MULTI24HP312: Image showing air conditioner kit with remote control and pipework

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When it comes to adjusting airflow output, the Gree MULTI24HP312 utilizes a range of fan speeds when either heating or cooling, and air direction can be controlled with adjustable louvers. For control at a distance, you can connect to the Gree MULTI24HP312 through GREE's free iOS and Android apps. Each indoor unit is also independently programmable, allowing custom airflow settings in each room. Three infrared remote controls are also included in this system, they use “I-Feel” automatic temperature sensing technology and lockout features too.

The Gree MULTI24HP312 features exactly what you would expect from a premium system, not only does it utilize a range of convenience features for ease of use, but the system itself is finished to a high standard and designed to run for years to come.

Should you buy the Gree MULTI24HP312? 

The Gree MULTI24HP312 is a pricey ductless air conditioner, but for anyone needing multi-room coverage, it’s a cheaper alternative to having new ductwork installed. It’s a high-quality system that is durable and designed to be a great investment that will provide airflow comfort for years to come. 

You can save a lot of money by opting for models with less extensive coverage if you only need improved airflow in one or two rooms. The Bosch 8733954447 is a great dual zone ductless air conditioner that is cheaper than the Gree MULTI24HP312. Alternatively, if your coverage needs are much smaller, the Pioneer WYS012G-19 is great for a single small space and is a few thousand dollars cheaper.

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