Greenworks GPW1501 review

The Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer is the best budget pressure washer you can buy

Greenworks GPW1501 Review
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The Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer is one of the best performing, smaller pressure washers at a budget price. Although less powerful than others, it performs well for light-to-medium duty household tasks such as cleaning cars, patio furnishings and fences.


  • +

    Lightweight and easy to move around

  • +

    One of the cheapest costing pressure washers

  • +

    Easy to assemble


  • -

    The soap dispenser and connector for the hose can be prone to leaks

  • -

    Not as powerful for heavy duty cleaning jobs

  • -

    Does not have a water tank

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Here's everything you need to know about the Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer. We've researched the latest pressure washers, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best pressure washers (opens in new tab) around. 

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Greenworks GPW1501: What you need to know

The Greenworks 1500 PSI GPW1501 is a small yet powerful electric pressure washer. With its 13-amp motor, and a PSI of 1500, it is ideal for light-to-medium duty, residential cleaning jobs. It comes with 25 and 40-degree quick-connect nozzles for a variety of surfaces and has a high-pressure hose that can reach as far as 20 feet. Its versatility for both horizontal and vertical use makes it easily portable and user friendly.

Greenworks GPW1501: Price

One of the more popular budget washers you can find on the market for just under $100. If you go directly to Greenworks, you can buy it for $89, and Walmart is also selling for $89 reduced from $99. Although cheaper than most similar washers, the Greenworks 1500 is powerful enough for light residential tasks and is great value for money

Greenworks GPW1501: Features

  • 1,500 PSI
  • Consistent power for any household cleaning job
  • 25 and 40-degree quick-connect nozzles
Greenworks GPW1501: Specs

13A electric motor
1500 PSI/1.2 GPM 
Lightweight design 
Easy to use and easy to maintain
35' electric cable with GFCI for safety
Quiet operation 
PMWA certified
Compact design for easy storage 
20' hose, adjustable wand, low pressure soap dispenser

Greenworks GPW1501 provides 1,500 PSI but does not waste water. It pushes water out quickly through a 20ft hose, providing consistent power for any household cleaning job. The washer is noted for being a flexible cleaning machine as you can use it both horizontally and vertically. It also has a removable soap tank that allows the user to fill it up with the specific detergent required for each job. 

Another useful feature is the low-pressure soap dispenser to help get rid of excess grime. 

It comes with 25 and 40-degree quick-connect nozzles that are adaptable for various types of surfaces.

Greenworks GPW1501: Design

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Washer can be used both vertically and horizontally

Greenworks are renowned for designing lightweight home solutions and this is a perfect example. This model is super light, compact and easy to assemble. Weighing only 18.4 pounds, it’s easy to carry the washer around in one hand while operating the sprayer wand with the other. 

Another handy design feature is the flexibility of using the washer both vertically and horizontally, which is ideal for more stability in those tighter spots. The unit also has convenient accessory storage onboard and is compact enough to neatly store in a tiny shed or small cupboard. 

Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer: Performance

  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Equipped with a 30ft power cord and 20ft pressure hose
  • No water tank

The Greenworks GPW1501 unit is simple to assemble and quick to set up and run without issues.

Equipped with a 30 ft power cord and 20ft pressure hose, both are more than long enough to give you that extra reach for those tricky places. With a strong pressure of 1500 PSI it can successfully remove dirt off sidewalks, patios and wooden decks and even vinyl siding without causing major damage. Cleaning time for a few domestic jobs was under two hours and the unit has the bonus of being quieter than most washers. The most impressive results have been cleaning grime off cars, trucks and alloys without the worry of damaging paintwork. 

The only downside is the machine does not have a water tank. Meaning you will have to hook it to a household water supply hose if you want to use it for long periods. Others have also mentioned the stiffness of the hose when unrolling, but this should loosen over time. 

If you have decades of tough grime to remove, this may not be powerful enough. But for its size and adequate power, it has surpassed expectations for lighter domestic tasks.  

Greenworks GPW1501: User reviews

  • Positive user reviews
  • Many impressed by its ability to clean cars and other vehicles
  • Users found washer can lose power

On, 86% of customers recommend this product and it comes in high at 85% on the Home Depot. Customers on Amazon have rated it with an overall 4.1 out of 5, and it’s currently ‘Amazon’s Choice’.

The majority of users have rated the washer based on its adequate power, good design and affordability. Users have successfully cleaned decking, patio and driveways, with one customer saying they had removed green mould from siding and patio furniture in a short time. 

Many have been impressed by its ability to clean cars and other vehicles, making them look ‘brand new’ again. One user said they had pressure washed a truck that had been sitting under a tree for a year and couldn't believe the results!.

A downside mentioned has been that the washer can lose power after a short period of usage. However, with the warranty provided, this should be easily fixable.  

Should you buy the Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer?

Yes, if you’re looking for big power at a small price. This is a very affordable cleaning machine that provides enough pressure to clean virtually anything around the home. Significantly cheaper than most washers (under $100!), the Greenworks GPW1501 is an excellent choice as a starter washer to tackle smaller cleaning tasks. 

Extremely light to carry around and store afterwards, the Greenworks GPW1501 is very convenient to use. Overall, we think the Greenworks GPW1501 is an outstanding budget pressure washer.

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