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Hayward H-Series H250FDN review

Hayward H-Series H250FDN 250,000 BTU is a high performance natural gas pool heater.

Hayward H250FDP Universal H-Series 250,000
(Image: © Hayward)

Our Verdict

The Hayward H-Series H250FDN is extremely reliable and energy-efficient. It marries high performance with environmentally responsible low NOx emissions and can provide energy savings of up to 18% compared to other similar pool heaters.


  • Low NOx emissions
  • Salt water and chemical corrosion resistance


  • Noisy

We've researched the Hayward H-Series H250FDN, asked the experts, and poured over thousands of specs, features, and user reviews to find out if this model is worth your money. 

We'll be giving you all the information you need to know but you'll also be able to see how the Hayward H-Series H250FDN fared in our guide of the best pool heaters.

Hayward H-Series H250FDN: What you need to know

The H-Series H250FDN Natural Gas Heater by Hayward is an energy-efficient, high performance natural gas pool heater. It’s a more environmentally-friendly option compared to other gas heaters as it produces low NOx emissions. Hayward has been manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide for 80 years.

Hayward H-Series H250FDN: Price

Although this isn’t the cheapest pool heater out there, reviewers agree it’s worth the money. Cheaper gas heaters are certainly available, but they don't have the performance or environmentally-friendly features that this pool heater offers.

Hayward H-Series H250FDN: Design & features

This natural gas pool heater has a standard cupro nickel heat exchanger and the forced draft system moves air through the combustion chamber at a precise flow rate. This eliminates factors – like outside weather variables – that can affect the performance of a gas pool heater. It offers great flexibility when it comes to installation on both new and existing equipment pads, as well as excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance

Hayward H-Series H250FDN: Performance

In 402 Amazon ratings, this pool heater has scored 3.5 out of 5 stars. Amazon reviewers agree this is an industry leading pool heater, and say the hydraulic design reduces circulation pump run time to provide energy savings of up to 18% when compared to less efficient competitors

Hayward H-Series H250FDN: User reviews

Chainsaw Journal found the Hayward H250FDN is “built for efficiency and durability” and say it has proven itself to be one of the best 250,000 BTU pool heaters.

My Waterpool found Hayward has “put some work into making this heater efficient and eco-friendly”. They say the total heating time for a pool using this heater can vary anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the pool and describe this heater as a great option if you’re looking for an above ground pool heater which offers excellent performance.

Revooz gives it a number one ranking and has rated it 80/100 based on 492 reviews, while Pool Center says the Universal H-Series Heater from Hayward is “simply the most reliable, hydraulically efficient solution” for any pool or spa.

Should you buy the Hayward H-Series?

Yes, if you want to invest in a high-performing natural gas pool heater but you don’t want something with high emissions or poor energy efficiency. For climates where a gas heater is the best option, this gets our vote.

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