The Blackburn Fluid is a unique-looking bike trainer that is both inexpensive and sturdy. The design is compact, making this one of the easiest trainers to store.

The Blackburn Fluid is one of the most expensive trainers Blackburn offers, but it is one of the least expensive fluid trainers on the market. This is one of the few trainers that comes folded up and ready to use, so no assembly is required. Since this is a fluid trainer, there is no need for toggles or handlebar switches to adjust the speed. The liquid within the trainer's impeller shell heats up as you pedal to create progressive resistance. Since it’s a fluid bike trainer, it will be quieter than most wind and magnetic trainers, as well as bike rollers.

The Blackburn Fluid measures 25.98 x 14.96 x 33.07 inches and weighs 31.97 pounds, so while it’s one of the heavier trainers on the market, it’s also one of the most compact. While the weight means this model is less portable or travel-friendly than others, the fact that it’s heavier makes it less likely for the trainer to wobble while you ride.

The Blackburn Fluid comes with a quick-release skewer to aid in bike setup. The manufacturer states that this trainer's frame design allows you to install nearly any type of bike with minimal adjustments, so you can even use your mountain bike with the trainer. Keep in mind that the wheel sizes that fit this machine range between 26 x 1 inches and 29 x 2.3 inches. Even though the trainer's frame fits most bike types, it is still best to have a smooth rear tire while exercising.

Blackburn does not state whether or not this fluid trainer is leak-proof, but this trainer is backed with a lifetime warranty. It is also one of the few trainers to come with a block riser to steady your front wheel while you train, so you won't have to spend additional money for one if you purchase this model. If you are interested in purchasing more accessories for your trainer, Blackburn also offers a training mat and sweat guard. Durable and user friendly, the Blackburn Fluid offers an affordable alternative to more expensive fluid trainers.

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